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How the Cloud Was Built for Geeks

Okay, so maybe the cloud wasn’t literally built just for us. It was built for everyone to use however works best for them. Still, sometimes it really feels like the cloud was built with geeks and geek-based personality traits in mind. Think about it…

The Cloud is Everywhere

What to expect next: A cloud platform for the Internet of things

Like Jive says on their website, cloud technology “places the world literally at our fingertips, with navigation and entertainment and resources available at the press of a touchscreen.” We can connect to the cloud through both Wi-Fi and cellular signals, which means that we always have the stuff we need everywhere we go. That means, fellow geeks, that we no longer need to carry everything around with us. Gone are the days when we’d have to pray that our backpacks had enough space for our laptops and books and game discs. We can store pretty much all of that stuff in a cloud library and access it from wherever.

Digital Space is Important Space

The iPod effect: how near limitless storage made content worthless

Just like the cloud allows us to carry most of our stuff around with us digitally so we don’t have to carry it physically, the cloud allows us to store our media remotely without having to take up space on the hard drives of our devices. This might not seem like the biggest deal to non-geeks but how many times have you had to sort through your photos during a con and choose which ones to keep and trash because it was only day two and you knew you’d want to take more pics later? Or, worse, you took a really awesome video and now there’s no space left on your phone for anything else until you can transfer the video to your computer…which you left at home because you didn’t want to lug it around the floor? Now, as soon as you get to a reliable signal, you can upload everything to your cloud storage, wipe it off your phone and keep going.

And don’t forget what pack rats (okay, okay, let’s be real: we’re hoarders) we can be when it comes to our files and entertainment. If we run out of cloud storage–and most of us will–we can just quickly upgrade or expand our account to accommodate whatever it is we need to store or share. I guess you could say this is more enabling than it is accommodating but whatever, we’ll take it!

The Cloud Saves Our Sanity

HANOVER, GERMANY - MARCH 05:  A visitor tries out a tablet computer next to a cloud computing and technology symbol at the Deutsche Telekom stand at the 2013 CeBIT technology trade fair on March 5, 2013 in Hanover, Germany. CeBIT will be open March 5-9.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
5 Ways the Cloud Can Make Your Life Much Easier

How many of you waited hours in lines over the last couple of weeks to see The Force Awakens? Most of you, right? And how many of you got bored out of your minds because you quickly tired of the games you stored on your phones? Thanks to the cloud, the answer is probably very few of you. Most of you probably spent that time reading books, maybe even watching other movies, or playing other games that you’d stored virtually. It was likely a much different experience than when you spent hours in line for Episode Three and not just because TFA is a much better movie than Ep. 3 (thank you, Disney, for not allowing George Lucas anywhere near it)!

This is probably all sounding like one big commercial for the cloud but it isn’t. What we’re trying to do here is write a love letter to how much the cloud has vastly improved life for us in exactly the ways we’ve needed since, like, forever.

And yes, sure, okay, the cloud helps with work too. Being able to call up documents and files remotely without a client asking if you’re a wizard or calling for a burning of the witch is pretty cool. May we never have to say “have you tried turning it off then back on again?” ever again.

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