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The Ergonomic Phone of the Future, Today

The drastic rise in popularity of smartphones and the technological advancements of tablets have merged into one fantastic device commonly known as the phablet. These devices are bigger than the average cell phone and smaller than a tablet and come with the processing power associated with most tablets. Phablets also are going through a redesign as seen by the curved LG G Flex.

Curved Design

Curved, you say? That’s right. Curved. This new design is set to be the wave of the future.

The completely curved design of the phone and battery allow for a more comfortable feel in your hand as well as against your face. In addition, LG has included a rear key that is strategically located on the back of the phone. This key allows you to perform several shortcuts and comes with a customizable LED Alert system. It also sports a unique double tap feature, which lets you activate the screen with just a touch of your finger.

Flexible Hardware

LG G Flex Review

And the Flex is, you guessed it, flexible while still being durable and solid in your pocket. This flexible design allows the phone to withstand up to 88 pounds of force with 1,000 repetitions without the screen, hardware or battery cracking, states Consumer Reports. The experiments did not stop there, however. Consumer Reports used a load cell to increase the weight in 50-pound increments all the way up to 1,000 pounds and the screen never cracked. Tom’s Hardware also reports that an LG rep even stepped on the phone to demonstrate its durability. So it is easy to conclude that the Flex can handle you sitting on it or pressing down on it with your hand.

Self-Healing Back

LG G Flex Self Healing Demo!

In addition to being bendable, the Flex also sports revolutionary new hardware that is self-healing. It won’t recover from deep gouges into the back surface, but minor scratches fade away in mere moments, explains Tom’s Hardware. LG is so proud of the technology that they created a custom case that will protect the corners and sides from dings and leaves the back open to take advantage of the self-healing properties. This feature is perfect for people who keep their phone in their pockets, purses or backpacks with their keys, coins and wallets.

Powerful Display

Samsung Round vs. LG G Flex: Which phone curves best?

The 6-inch display and curved design are more than just a cute gimmick. When added to the powerful battery life, the phone is ideal for watching videos or playing games. Plus, the Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core Processor and 2 GB of RAM help to make it one of the fastest phones on the market.

It features a 13-megapixel camera with improved face recognition and picture quality. The built in video option can record and playback at 1080p, and the video software can record 60 frames per second, which gives a fast-forward type effect to the video, states LG.

Furthermore, the big screen and improved processing power have allowed LG to include several software upgrades. For instance, the fluid lock screen changes appearance based on how you are holding the phone, and the quick theater option allows you to have immediate access to your digital media simply with a quick movement of your thumbs. Finally, the dual window feature lets you have two programs open at the same time for easy reference and multi-tasking.

All in all the LG G Flex is looking to the future of phone technology. Between the ergonomic design for added comfort and handling, the flexibility and durability that help you feel more secure and confident with your phone and the increased power and capabilities, the Flex is a glimpse into what the future has in store for cell phones and the technologies associated with them.

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