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Best Online Slot Games to Play in 2021

After the integration of the internet in casino games, everything has changed. The traditional live casino games went online. People from all over the world can get access to them at any time and any place. Not just that but the games are getting visual updates too. The traditional card games look very slick now, so does all the fun slot games. But the integration of the internet in casino games is almost two decades old and the first slot games also came into the online casinos at the same time. So is there anything new about these slot games? Of course, there is!

Slot games are one of the most popular attractions of online casinos. It can be considered the main customer attraction tool of an online casino. So, online casinos must keep them up to date all the time and that is what they do. Slot games are at the top priority of keeping things relevant. That being said, discover the best slots to play online and look at some of the best online slot games of 2021 available in the online casinos.


Let us start our list with possibly the most popular online slot game of all time, Starburst. It is developed by NetEnt, a renowned gambling software development company. Just like the reputation of NetEnt, Starburst is filled with gamblers’ love. It has a 5 reel mechanism with 20 pay lines.

The RTP of Starburst is 96.10%. Also, it has one of the best bonus systems for online slot games. The game has no lack of visuals in it. It was designed with a classy feel of traditional video slot games.

The bonus and classy design is what keeps Starburst timeless and still one of the best online slot games to play in 2021.

Age of Asgard

Ever heard of Yggdrasil? Yes, it is a famous gambling software company and is responsible for the best online slot games made in 2019, Age of Asgard.  It is a relatively new game but still managed to get the second spot on our list.

Age of Asgard has a 5 reel design with 50 pay lines.

The slots of this game have unique designs and if you could score a certain combination, you get free spins. Reportedly, you could win $488860 from Age of Asgard on the highest betting setting.

Legacy of Egypt

Are you a fan of Egypt? Fond of all the stories and tells about ancient Egyptian gods? Then you will definitely like Legacy of Egypt. The Legacy of Egypt is building with the theme of Egypt. It has a unique 5 reel with pyramids, scarabs, and Egyptian gods.

The best part about it is its bonus system. If you can manage to land three pyramids on any reel, you will get up to 20 free spins. Then there is the bonus with multipliers. You will surely enjoy these bonuses and combined with the Egyptian theme, everyone will surely fall in love with it.

Planet of the Apes

Are you a mad Hollywood fan? Then you have surely heard about the movie franchise “Planet of the Apes”. This is a very popular movie franchise in Hollywood and everyone loves it. Lucky for you that NetEnt has made a video slot game with it. Not just any video slot game, but the video slot game with the most astonishing graphical and visual effects we have ever seen for video slot games.

We have to admit the amount of effort NetEnt has put into this Hollywood franchise slot game. It just did not slap the name planet of the apes on it, but also made two different themes based on both the movies.

It is a 5 reel game that has 20 pay lines. Each slot contains the character faces of the different movies. Like other slot games, NetEnt provides solid bonuses and offerings. And don’t forget about its RTO which is 96.33%.

Gonzo’ Quest

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Gonzo’s Quest slot machine was launched in 2010, almost 10 years ago from now. This video slot game by NetEnt is still ruling the market thanks to its unique appearance. Ask any players about their favorite slot games and they will surely name Gonzo’s quest in their top 5 and for good reasons.

This game has stunning visual effects. It has 5 reels and rather than being traditional slots, you have five columns of stone bricks, all having different signs and patterns engraved onto them. New bricks fall on the old ones. It is a stunning view to look at.

Final Verdict

Casino Game Developers Keep Innovating in 2021

So this is it. These are our picks for the top online video slots game for 2021. If you have not tried them out yet then do not wait. Give them a shot until they are deleted forever. You will notice that some games on our lists are a year old and some are more than ten years old.

Why aren’t all of them from 2021 or 2020? It’s because those old games from over 10 years ago still yield the potentiality to beat the new video slot games in terms of graphics and rule the player’s heart and mind. So they are here on our list. Regardless of being over a decade old, give them a try. They are definitely worth your time. This also means that there could be older slot games that can top this list. And we admit that.

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