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How To Get A Tech Job Overseas

If you have great tech qualifications and consider yourself a high quality tech developer, marketer or creator, you might have considered where in the world this career could take you. Tech is the fastest growing industry in the world; the coronavirus pandemic has taught us all that the world’s current industries survive on technology in a major way.

Working in tech means being able to work anywhere in the world. No matter the country, all places need technological developers to increase their innovation and help build businesses. Not only does this provide travel opportunities to tech workers, but it also provides paid living opportunities for anyone who wants to move abroad.

In this blog we will explore how to get a tech job overseas, and why working overseas can help technological developers increase their knowledge!

Getting sponsorships

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Firstly, working abroad is no mean feat without a set-in-stone job waiting for you. Many countries like the US only offer working visas to people who already have a sponsorship from a company – meaning that the company offers you a position under a h1b visa sponsorship. This is a great opportunity for any tech developer to move to the US and work with a new team.

However, getting sponsorships is tricky. You  need to find companies that are hiring from outside the country, and give them the absolute best of yourself to prove you are worth the time and money. It sounds brutal – and it can be – but sponsorship is one of the easiest ways to get a tech job outside your country.

Applying for overseas jobs

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Applying for a job overseas is very different to applying for a job in your own country. Firstly, as we mentioned already, you need to be even more impressive when applying for a role abroad – because you are the “new blood” that the company won’t already know. This means spending longer on your resumé, covering letter and polishing your skills.

Appealing to the needs of the company

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Sometimes when applying for jobs, it’s all about appealing to the right role. When applying for a job abroad, you need to do some digging about what this company is looking for, and what the needs of their customer base is. Different cities and countries have different needs that, if you can anticipate them and be impressive in this area, will be more likely to land you the role.

Similarly, you should try to understand and anticipate why this company is hiring an overseas person, rather than looking in their own city or country. This might be because they are searching for a fresh perspective – something you can provide, which others simply can’t. If you find this niche and play to it, you’re on your way.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for tech jobs abroad, use this blog as a guide to applying for these roles. While it might seem like an insurmountable task, getting a job abroad just requires greater preparation and knowledge. 

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