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Keeping It High-tech As You Relocate Abroad

Moving your business overseas is a big decision, but it’s something many of America’s most iconic corporations have already done, and sometimes it can be a wise economic decision. Whatever the motivation for relocating abroad, businesses cannot afford to suddenly be without the technological necessities, conveniences, and “edge” that they once possessed with their HQs still on US soil.

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We can take Japan as a common example of what you need to do “tech-wise” in the Asia-Pacific region and other places overseas. Here are 4 key pieces of advice in that regard:

Find Great Local IT Help

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Most businesses located in Japan or the Asia-Pacific Region have a continual need for IT support, IT project management services, Cloud storage solutions, cybersecurity protection, and more. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all that from one source at a reasonable price overseas so you have reliable IT help and never have to worry about it again?

Well, you actually can, through EIRE. Click the link to find out more about their IT support in Tokyo and beyond!

Continue to Outsource

Outsource IT, It Is the Only Way

Telemarketing companies became famous for outsourcing support workers to South Asia and other lands during the previous couple of decades, but now that’s reversing. Companies are finding value in outsourcing locally in the US, and the prices aren’t that different anymore anyway.

But other business types also have a need of a ready made labor force for tech-related jobs, and that need doesn’t evaporate once you move to Japan. Luckily, you’ll find you can outsource tech jobs locally in other countries, to great benefit, just like you can in the US.

Hire US-trained Workers

A second strategy to use with some of your tech workforce is to advertise back at home to US graduates in the technology field who might like the experience of working abroad. There are probably some positions, at least, that your company has to fill that might be best served by someone from the US, and you’d be surprised how willing many are to make the move (after all – you did!)

Working abroad in the tech field often gives unique job openings, experience in international networking, and an eye-opening look at tech research & development around the world. Throw in a few perks, do some targeted advertising, and you can fill this part of your staff with top talent.

Learn & Educate On Tech Tips

Your Business Needs You To Learn!

Personal difficulties with smartphones, online apps, and other technology can quickly translate into business problems. So avoid them personally by studying up on tech tips for living abroad, and then train your staff to do the same.

Here are some examples:

  • Know your phone. Become an expert on which phones are compatible with local cellular networks, how to unlock a US phone, where you do and don’t need quad band, and which countries use GSM VS CDMA. Get a local SIM card and find out from locals which networks provide the best reception.
  • Overcome two factor authentication of accounts. Before leaving, change the second factor needed to verify identity for everything from Twitter accounts to bank accounts from a phone text message to something else. Your old phone number may not work in Tokyo.
  • Hook up with Google Translate. If you need to communicate with clients and don’t always understand their language, a good on-the-go way to get a rough translation of texts, conversations, and even text in pics of signs/menus into English.

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Be prepared technologically before leaving US soil. And if you’re already in Japan or somewhere else abroad, take steps to get your technology in order (if it’s not already) so you don’t suffer business or personal setbacks for tech failure reasons.

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