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How Technology is Safeguarding our Data

Personal data, it’s something we hear a lot about on the news. There always appears to be an article, politician, or television show discussing how they want access to personal data on the general public, followed by a backlash of why it shouldn’t be allowed.

Obviously, this often refers to data such as our internet browsing history, social media and data stored on our smartphones. Who can forget the scandals surrounding those in the last few years. However, there is some data that we part with for out safety

Our medical data is shared with doctors, but to give us a peace of mind, we know that it’s safe due to confidentiality. But sometimes this data too can get lost, let’s not forget when prisoner medical records were lost in 2009, and many others that have happened along the way.

But, there are ways to prevent this from happening, which is good news to everyone, especially health care professionals. This can be achieved through connected healthcare systems.

Connected Healthcare Systems: What are They?

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A connected healthcare system is a simple, safe and secure environment in which data can be shared. This can be done via various systems, such as computers and mobile apps, which all work together to provide an integrated system.

The fact that this system can be accessed by multiple devices is only the tip of the iceberg. The key component to these systems is they can be accessed by several people, and updated in real time. This means that a doctor, nurse or GP can update a person’s medical records, meaning that nothing will ever be missed by whomever accesses them next.

This has been an issue in the past, with some legacy systems not being fully integrated, meaning duplicate data can occur, which could cause dangerous and costly reporting. It can also be very time consuming on these systems, while a connected system would free up time for elsewhere

How can they Help?

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Of course, these systems hold multiple benefits for a variety of different people, from NHS trusts and practitioners to patients themselves. These benefits include:


These Advancements in Medical Tech are Saving Lives and Improving Healthcare

  • Removes any need to manually update systems
  • Can save time, as well as improve accuracy
  • Can reduce the risk of human error
  • Provides the ability to read and edit numerous records
  • Provides a much better way to manage records
  • Allows for more informed decisions and better patient outcomes


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  • Allows the NHS to improve
  • Provides a much more accurate patient record system
  • Allows for more efficient data entry
  • Helps to save money, time and resources
  • Enables people to work remotely


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  • Brings a more holistic approach for better outcomes
  • Makes individuals feel more confident and reassured
  • Helps patients receive more consistent and effective care

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With the world of technology advancing daily, it looks as though it’s only a matter of time until our personal data is 100% safe, no matter where it is.

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