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How Can Accurate Data Help Increase Efficiency?

We live and work in a society that increasingly reliant on technology to communicate, to create, to measure and monitor. Whilst for some there are some pitfalls to this digital age, for many businesses it means that they are able to operate more effectively. It is with this in mind that here we ask the question – how can accurate data help increase efficiency?

IT Networks and Cloud Computing

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The head offices of companies around the world are equipped with powerful IT networks and the data therein is disseminated to the appropriate channels in order for work to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Not only that, these networks have the ability to monitor, log and even change the data to make it work better – they have become agile and that is where computerised maintenance management systems come into the equation.

Next Day Delivery

Reducing Cart Abandonment

Logistics companies, who collect and deliver millions of parcels every week, would not be able to offer the services they do was it not for their ability to access accurate data. GPS information, pick-up and delivery addresses and other digital data all play their part and enable things like next day delivery. All this data, however, needs careful management and so how is this handled?

Big Data and Smart Cities

Understanding and Handling Big Data for Businesses

Much of what we do, whether it be in our personal lives or our work lives is now recorded and archived. Our mobile phones track our movements and communications, CCTV records where we go and whilst online every click and tap increases our digital footprint and we live in smart cities.

How to Start Something Big With Big Data Streaming

Compiling big data in this way has had a lot of bad press, but it is also being used in many positive ways to improve our lives – take the logistics industry as an example.

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems

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Computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) are cloud based solutions that are designed to support businesses with things such as requests and reports, work orders and are also used for preventative maintenance.

CMMS increases efficiency by helping prevent breakdowns, by speeding up response times, assisting in the management of stock and by reducing administrative requirements.

These systems are used in a wide range of sectors, public services and logistics included. They offer accurate data, allowing users to compile multi-tiered asset registers that allow teams to respond to make more well informed decisions more quickly. CMMS are cloud based and therefore require no maintenance on behalf of the businesses using them and they define how accurate data can increase efficiency.

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