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5 Ways to Help the World’s Plastic Problem

Life seems to contain a lot of plastic, and the pollution it’s causing isn’t so fantastic. Pollution seems to be an ever growing problem in our modern world and one that is also increasingly difficult to solve and to contain.

Plastic pollution is especially problematic, especially because plastic doesn’t really degrade, which makes it so useful but hard to get rid of.

It’s beginning to have a large effect on certain ecosystems, animals, and the cleanliness of our oceans.

So as plastic users, what can we do to stop contributing to and help clean up this plastic problem we’ve created?

Here are five ways to help with the plastic problem and to decrease plastic waste and turn it into plastic repurposing.

Skip the plastic bag at the store

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It may seem like a small thing, but using re-usable bags at the store rather than the plastic ones offered can have a very big lasting effect.

Plus, let’s be honest, most likely they will sit at the bottom of the cupboard or drawer in a large pile with other un-used plastic bags, so not only are you saving the environment but you are also freeing up some precious storage space.

And in some states, they actually charge for those bags now so you will also save yourself some money by getting the re-usable kind.

Buy from companies who use biodegradable materials

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Buying from companies who are trying to be sustainable on a large scale is a great way to contribute to minimizing the plastic problem.

There are many companies that use biodegradable materials. Some of those are derived from plastic themselves because there are many benefits of sustainable plastic resins, the main one being helping with the plastic problem our world faces.

Don’t buy things you can just throw away

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Just like the grocery store plastic bags, try to use things that are re-usable such as glass water bottles, metal forks and knives, and regular plates and cups.

Using these rather than their disposable plastic counterparts is an easy and quick way to help lessen the plastic waste.

It might mean more dishes to do, but the knowledge you will have that you are not contributing to our ever overflowing landfills will make that chore so much easier and maybe even enjoyable to do.

Give a hoot, don’t pollute

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According to the Ocean Conservancy, an agency that has run beach cleanups for over 30 years, 73 percent of beach litter is plastic: cigarette butts, bottles, and caps, food wrappers, grocery bags, polystyrene containers.

So not only is polluting illegal, it is something that can be easily remedied by just making sure your trash ends up in the trash.

Actually, recycle

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According to National Geographic, an astounding 91% of plastic isn’t being recycled.

This should be a wakeup call for most of us that we need to be a whole lot better at recycling.

If you are not sure how to properly sort it out, just look up online what goes where and in what bin, and contact your city to find out what bins you need and when collections happen.

Even though it may take a little bit of your time, it’s time you are contributing to making your world a cleaner and less waste-filled place.

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