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6 DIY Hacks To Make Your Home More Secure

We come back to our home every day after work, looking for comfort and safety. However, we live in a world where criminals are always looking for new ways to exploit our homes’ vulnerabilities and steal our valuable possessions. 

You can’t sit idle. What if we told you that there are creative ways to make your home more secure? We give you six simple yet incredibly effective hacks to help you make your home secure. 

Learn Your DIP Switches to Make Your Garage Door Secure

DIP switch is a small switch in a dual in-line package. Its primary role is to change the operating mode of a device it is installed with. The most common use case of DIP switches is on electrical circuit boards. If you have a garage door opener, the chances are that you have at least 2 DIP switches in your home – one in the garage opener and the other in the remote.

These DIP switches are easy to hack. If you have an older model of garage door opener, you should open the remote and garage opener and place the switches in new random positions. Make sure the positions on switches on the remote and opener match. 

These little fellas are resilient to malfunction. However, if it breaks down for whatever reason, there is no need to waste cash on an entirely new device when you can only replace DIP switches.

Alarms For Door And Windows

The best home security products you can buy

While it’s obvious that the door and windows in your home are entry points for burglars, there are still too many people who don’t use any security measures on them. There’s no need to waste your hard-earned cash to make them secure, as there are affordable solutions to help you scare off the thieves should they wish to come in uninvited.

Affordable door and windows alarms are battery-powered, so make sure to change the batteries regularly if you decide to use them. They can be particularly handy if you regularly forget to lock your windows and door.

Enhance Your Doors 

Your home can become an impenetrable fortress if you live in an apartment building. How do you pull that off? It’s easy – focus all your security efforts on your apartment door. There are plenty of things you can do to turn your door into a security beast.

The most time-consuming thing you can do is replace the standard wooden door frame. On the other hand, it will make the entire construction more secure. When it comes to small door security hacks, you can install several more locks. Install them at different heights, and your door will be closer to being pick-proof.

Home Security Sign or Not

Vacation-Proof Your Home With Smart Devices

Thieves are aware that some homeowners put up a home security sign even when they don’t have a system in place. However, there is always that mind scratcher of “What if…?”. This method delivers the best value for money because you will be spending just a couple of bucks on a security system sign. 

In any case, this could be a good solution for the first couple of weeks after moving into a new home. Make sure to install at least some security alarms after you settle in. A simple sign can only protect you until someone decides to check its credibility.

Embrace the Light

If there is anything that robbers hate more than alarm systems, then it is light. Most of the breaking and entering type of crimes take place during the wee hours. Light is your best ally when it comes to fending off robbers and those alike.

Combining outdoor and indoor lighting solutions is the safest approach. You have plenty of options ranging from automatic lighting to motion sensor lighting. The best locations to install them is on the back patio, house corners, or any other area around your house that gets pitch dark during the night.

Improve Your Online Security

How to find the best VPN service: Your guide to staying safe on the internet

Not all intruders come in physical form. Some robbers are more interested in your bank account data, credit card information, and personal data. Cybercriminals can infect your smart devices and computers with malware, steal your identity, make fraudulent charges on your credit cards, and make your life miserable.

You can do the following:

  • Stop using public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and bus stops
  • Install antivirus and firewall software on your devices
  • Use virtual private network (VPN) to enjoy safe and anonymous internet browsing

All these tips will help you add different security levels to your home. We live in times when we have to address the security topic from all sides. As you can see, there are several ways to protect your physical and digital assets, and make your home safe from all sorts of break-ins.

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