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Getting A New Android Phone

Have you recently got a new Android phone? Perhaps you’ve got the latest Samsung Galaxy? Maybe you’ve gone for the Google Pixel 4a?

No matter your choice, getting a new phone is very exciting! The first step is getting a good phone case, of course! For popular models, there are so many stunning and exciting options, like this Samsung Galaxy phone case collection. You will be spoilt for choice.

Setup Your New Android

First things to do with your new Android phone

Next, you need to set-up your apps. What sort of apps should you download first? How about YouTube?

Everyone has heard of YouTube and I am sure the majority of us have used it as some point or another. Whether you are a frequent user or not I am sure you can see the great benefits of using YouTube, after all, what can possibly be bad about a website that allows users to watch and share an array of different videos? If you look at it on a grander scale YouTube has provided us with many hidden gems in the world of entertainment, for instance, if it wasn’t for YouTube we probably would never have heard of Justin Bieber. 

The YouTube application is available for all Android mobile phones and so if you own an Android you can reap the rewards of all YouTube has to offer no matter where about you are.

Browsing With Android

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One of the best things about using YouTube on your Android phone is that it is in fact a lot easier and a lot more simple than the usual version you would access via the browser on your computer. On the home screen, you will find recommended videos as you would on the usual version, and you can of course, also browse through videos and search for the specific video you are looking for through the easy method available. In fact, if you can’t even be bothered to type the name of the video you are looking for you don’t have to as Android’s YouTube app supports the Google Voice Action feature. This means that you can merely say what you are searching for rather than typing it.

There are much more features available as well for you to take advantage of. For example, you can even upload your own video to YouTube from your Android phone. In general, you can pretty much use all the features you would be able to on your computer version of YouTube so you need not fear that you are not getting everything YouTube has to offer. 

Another good app for your Android is Opera. Do you hate the expenses associated with browsing the internet? When you go abroad do you want to be able to browse the web and access your emails without the ridiculous extra costs? If so, I would recommend downloading the Opera Mini mobile internet browser for your Android Smart Phone.

Opera has proved how they save you money by demonstrating the technological process they use. To put it into simple terms Opera Mini utilizes a compression method of technology whereby web pages are actually reduced in size. In fact Opera Mini can scale a web page down to ninety percent of its original size, so think of how much data that will save you and subsequently how much money it will save you as well. 

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In addition to saving you money, the Opera Mini also entails another extremely beneficial advantage. This benefit is that their browser opens web pages a lot faster than other browsers do. You may be wondering how this is possible, but it really is quite simple. Due to the compression of the web pages, the data and everything else entailed with the page is made smaller in size and thus it is easier for it to be opened. This can be extremely beneficial because there is nothing more annoying than waiting for about ten minutes for a web page to open to then merely click on another button which takes you to another web page and then having to wait another ten minutes for that page to open, and so on and so forth… 

Finally, do not fear that you will lose quality because of the compression of your web page as this will certainly not be the case. Opera Mini for Android mobile phones still provides a first-class quality web page and you probably won’t even be able to tell that the page has in fact been made smaller in its size.

All in all, Opera Mini is the perfect browser for those who want to save some money when they use their internet feature, especially when abroad. 

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