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Benefits of Teaching Abroad for a Year

Teaching abroad is a great way to maintain your teaching career while experiencing a variety of international travel. Through teaching abroad programs, you can expand your knowledge about the world as you shape the minds of others. Let’s explore the reasons why packing your bags, boarding a plane and teaching abroad may be right for you.

Exploring a New Culture

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Cultural awareness is important for personal development. By visiting various locales and submerging yourself in the local culture, you have the opportunity to experience unique events and foods that are native to that part of the world. When you live in a new place, you gain a perspective that you wouldn’t ordinarily obtain as a tourist. On days off, you can explore the areas around you and take advantage of public transportation offerings.

Learning a New Language

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Immerse yourself in the language and converse with people who can teach you the nuances of a foreign dialect. When you develop your language skills, you enhance your own education and will have a chance to communicate even more with your students. Although learning a new language could prove challenging at first, it will become easier as you begin to use it daily.

Meeting New People


Teaching abroad offers teachers a great way to use their skills to help educate others, while also expanding their own horizons. Be open minded and see what your students can teach you as well. Whether friendships blossom between you and your students, their parents or your colleagues along the way, it’s also exciting to have connections in different countries.

Building Your Resume

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In today’s competitive market, it is important to get the upper hand above your competition. When teaching abroad is listed on your resume, potential employers will see that you are willing to take a chance on a job that is unconventional. They will also take note of your well-roundedness, and recognize the life experience you have gained from exposure to other cultures. It may even lead to a specialized role that enables you to travel again.

Creating Unique Memories

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Teaching abroad does not have to be all work and no play. Create an itinerary on your days off to absorb as much of the culture as possible. Spend your free time tasting new native dishes, photographing the scenery around you, mingling with locals and documenting your travels to look back on some day.

To avoid overloading your desktop or mobile storage, plan ahead with a digital storage solution that will both store and protect your files. It is also good to use this for backup documents such as your ID and insurance information should you lose yours while traveling.

Is Teaching Abroad Right for You?

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If you think teaching abroad might be for you, explore your options online to pinpoint your ideal destination. Companies like CIEE offer paid teaching positions in places such as Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam for skilled university graduates looking to immerse themselves in a foreign community.

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