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Which Casino Game Is Better for Professionals

Casino games are provided in the thousands on the wide web to meet the needs of different players, and new ones are being included with time. These games come with different appearances and gameplay procedures that make them unique in their own respect. Of all the provided games, free casino slot games are the most popular and are provided in the highest number online; this is because they come with a simple gameplay procedure that only requires one to bet and spin. They are used by numerous gambling destinations as the center of attraction to attract unseasoned gamblers.

The straightforward gameplay fashion of slot machine games may make them popular with most gamblers, but they are not the go-to option for most in the expert realm. Since players do not have any influence on the provided odds and gameplay remains the same for nearly all of them, most professionals shun away from them and turn to table sets.

Looking at table sets; roulette and blackjack are the most popular options in this category. As much as strategies can be used to play in roulette, the game is still heavily dependent on luck, leaving blackjack as the best set option for professionals. Even so, players need to understand that blackjack still depends on luck for wins, but one has more influence on the results than they do in roulette.

Blackjack History

Blackjack came to rise back in the seventeenth century in France, making it among the most dated games that still carry relevance in the gambling realm today. Basically, the game is about comparing cards and involves a couple of players at the table and a dealer. The gamblers play against the dealer and not others at the table, which makes the game all the more unique. In France, the set is also referred to as twenty-one, which is its translation to French.

Types of Blackjack

History of Blackjack

Like most other games that have achieved the level of success that this set has, blackjack has seen the development of numerous variations from the original version. The different variants started popping up during the French Revolution when the set spread to other parts of Europe and the globe. However, even with different versions popping up, the gameplay procedure was maintained the same for the most part. One aspect that remained the same in nearly all of them is that the player had to beat the dealer without letting their card value surpass twenty-one to walk away with the winnings. This element earned it its French name. Depending on the variation, the gambler can do this by:

  • Leaving the cards to be dealt until the value goes higher than the twenty-one value limit
  • Get a card value of twenty-one with the first two cards that are dealt without using the dealer’s blackjack
  • Get cards that are higher than that of the dealer, but the value should be within the twenty-one value limit.

These rules of play can have various twists added to them depending on the version the gambler chooses to play.

The game comes in numerous options that feature different appearances and rules on how they are conducted. Some types are common while others are unique to the online gaming software developer behind them. Some of the most popular variations include:

  • Standard Blackjack – This version of the game uses four decks of cards and follows the standard rules, hence the name Standard Blackjack. The croupier is limited to dealing a maximum of seventeen cards in one hand, and only one of their cards is allowed to be face up. Players can double or split after the cards have been dealt, but this chance is presented only once. Some casinos may limit these options altogether.
  • Elimination Blackjack – This version of blackjack is a popular indulgent in brick and mortar establishments and has recently been adopted in the live dealer gaming realm. In this variant, gamblers get to play against themselves as well as the dealer. Once the hands have been dealt, and the winner is declared, the person with the least card value is eliminated. The last standing player gets to pocket the winnings made.
  • Pontoon – Even though this is among the newest variations, it has risen fast to be adopted by numerous online game developers and casinos alike. The game is played similar to Standard Blackjack but comes with the added advantage of allowing a five card hand to beat those that are valued between two and four. This gives gamblers better odds against the dealer, which explains its widespread demand. However, even with such a pro, it rejects players a winning chance in case a tie occurs.
  • Blackjack Switch – Online gaming software developers are known to fuse popular games to come up with spiced up variations, and that is what Blackjack Switch is a mix of blackjack and video poker. This option was invented in 2009 and was quick in its rise to fame. The adoption was facilitated by the fact that it has a lower house edge than most variations.
  • Chinese Blackjack – This version originated in China and only uses two decks of cards. Additionally, the Ace card used does not have a definite value, and it keeps changing depending on the number of cards accepted by the player. Like pontoon, it lets five card values beat those of between two and four.


How to Win at Blackjack — and Walk Out Of the Casino Alive

Professional gamblers prefer the use of strategy to win, and the numerous blackjack variations provide just that. One can opt for poker, which also employs the use of cunning to come out on top.

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