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Don’t Just Store It as a File: 5 Ways to Display Your Digital Artwork

It takes effort and talent to create digital artwork. Let others see and enjoy your work, though. Read about ways to display your digital art here.

Whether you’re a professional artist or a dabbling doodler, you’ve had plenty of moments where you go to grab a pen, bottle of paint, or marker only to find that it’s all dried up. Then, you have to go out or wait days for new materials to arrive in the mail.

It’s still prudent to stay inside due to the pandemic, but that’s all the more reason that you don’t want to sit around waiting for art supplies to arrive. If you can’t draw or craft, what are you going to do to pass the time?

Digital artwork is an excellent medium for so many reasons. You don’t have to buy anything to make it, you never run out of supplies, and there’s no waiting involved. In this time of social distancing, viewing and sharing art online is a great way to bring people together and keep spirits up. 

Take a look at these five interesting ways to display digital artwork.

1. Displaying Digital Artwork on a Blog

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There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the likes rack up on Facebook or Instagram as family, friends, and internet fans take in your newest creation.

If you’re looking for a little something more than your own Facebook page, try putting your digital art on a blog. Artwork blogs are a common way for professional artists to display portfolios, and you can start your own without spending a single dime with sites like Tumblr and WordPress.

2. A Physical Digital Art Frame

If you prefer digital art because you don’t have enough room in your apartment for lots of art materials, a digital art frame is a great way to put digital art on your physical wall.

Physical frames that read SIM cards, are internet-connected, or are otherwise able to display image files give you an opportunity to display any and all of your digital creations as you can switch combinations of files to your heart’s content.

3. Your Very Own Virtual Art Show

Did you ever think you’d see your art in a virtual room? Museums around the world are offering online tours so people can enjoy their exhibits from the safety and comfort of their homes.

You can create your own gallery with 3D gallery creating software like Exhibbit and Artsteps and host a digital art show.

4. Printing Digital Art Onto a Canvas

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Sometimes, nothing beats the professionality and grandeur of art on a canvas. If you want to see your artwork on a canvas without having to paint it on there yourself, you can create digital artworks or print photos onto canvases for effect and ease of gifting and display.

To take your artwork canvas to the next level, frame it with mat board for a sleek, professional look. This will make your art look expensive, but it doesn’t cost a lot!

5. Customize Products With Digital Art

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Another common way to display digital art is by printing it onto various consumer items, like shirts, blankets, and mugs.

You can have your art printed at a variety of online and in-person shops, and you can even sell digital artwork yourself on some sites, like Redbubble and Zazzle, who make the products for you. You don’t have to sell, though, to get great personal products and gifts from your own art.

Stay Creative and Stay Entertained

Now that you know about these five interesting ways to display digital artwork, you can make the most of your time indoors by beautifying your home. We have other creative ideas for you to use all around our site, too.

Once you’re done with that project, take another look at our blog for more creative tips and entertainment articles. Get to reading today and you won’t be bored ever again!

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