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How Crypto Gadgets and Devices Work

If you were to play a word association game with friends and they said the word blockchain, what would you say back? You may well say cryptocurrency, Bitcoin or Ethereum – but there are in fact lots of other words you could reply with including fridge, watch or smartphone. Why is that?

Blockchain technology, contrary to popular belief, is emerging in industries outside of crypto to help develop exceptional gadgets and devices. Some of these gadgets are of course related to crypto and others are completely separate and unique. Here are those devices and how they work.

The Future of Smartphones

HTC now has an entry-level blockchain phone

Blockchain smartphones may not be the biggest surprise considering everyday technology is a perfect match for blockchain usage, yet, the latest creation from HTC pushes the boundaries. Users of the blockchain smartphone will use peer-to-peer connections to message each other and connect on social media instead of using centralised servers or the cloud.

Exodus 1, the name of the next generation blockchain smartphone, will even include a crypto wallet just like the blockchain watch. However, within a smartphone an e-wallet may take up too much storage and it may be better to stick with an ordinary crypto wallet. The Luno Bitcoin Wallet remains a formidable option and is celebrated within the crypto sphere.

Bosch’s Blockchain Fridges

Bosch plans to harness the power of Blockchain for its next refrigerator

The world is wrapped up in energy efficiency, carbon emissions and positive environmental decisions – and so it should be. This is why Bosch has developed a fridge that tells its owners how much energy it is consuming and to be able to customise the fridge to use less through temperature controls and more.

But the most pressing question here is why use blockchain technology and how does it work? The answer is to do with smart contracts. Using these smart contracts owners of blockchain household devices like the Bosch fridge will be able to easily switch between energy suppliers to make sure they get the best deals and continue to do good for the planet. Blockchain household products could easily be seen in other shapes and create a network of greener and cheaper living.

Swiss Blockchain Watches

Watch Brands Continue to Test the Benefits of Blockchain

Switzerland is a place that knows how to make good watches, to say the least. One watchmaker by the name of A. Favre & Fils has developed a blockchain-based watch with a crypto wallet built-in. This is actually the first of its kind and other watches claiming to be blockchain-based are only displaying logos. With this watch, you get a wallet made to the high standards of the best crypto wallets built into a stylish timepiece. This watch includes a patented security system on a blockchain to make it function, but it will cost you over $100,000.

These three gadgets are the perfect examples of how blockchain technology is being used away from crypto and developing the functionality of everyday devices.

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