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Automatic Solar Tracker with Actuators


Nowadays, our environment suffers a lot from our industry, trash, fuel, energy, etc. That is why many people try to find some solutions to save nature. One of them is to choose solar energy instead of electricity. If you are going to use the solar panel, you need to install the solar tracker. It will be more efficient if you automate it with actuators. So, in this article, we’ll share with you all the useful information about the automatic solar tracking system.

What is A Solar Tracking Actuator?

Building A Solar Tracker

In general, a solar tracking actuator is a special device that moves the solar panel the entire day to catch the sunlight. You may know that such panels can provide our house/office with much energy. So, to raise the effectiveness of it, you need to automate your solar tracker with linear actuators.

The Main Reasons & Pros of using them

Actually, if you decide to buy a linear actuator for solar tracker, it’ll raise the effectiveness of your solar panel. As a result, it’ll move it the entire day and will catch all the sunlight. Your panel will always be full of energy, and you can do everything you want.

How to utilize it?

Simple Dual Axis Solar Tracker

You can order a linear actuator and install it by yourself. To purchase the most suitable one for your solar panel, you need to make some calculations (such as the total force, etc.). For the automatic solar tracker, you can take electric linear actuators. Just set up the actuator and your tracker will be moved automatically.

The Main Kinds of Solar Tracking Actuators



Today, you can find out varied kinds of solar tracking actuators. They vary due to their characteristics, size, price, etc. But still, here are some of them:

1) Elеctric Linеаr Actuаtor (12V);

2) Vеnture’s Linеаr Actuаtor;

3) Solar Linеar Actuator;

4) Acmе Scrеw Solar Actuator;

5) Ball Scrеw Solar Actuator.

Elements You may Need to Automate A Solar Tracker

DIY Solar Tracker || How much solar energy can it save?

Basically, to buy a linear actuator for solar tracker system isn’t a big deal. The most problematic thing that can take much time is to set up it correctly. To automate a solar tracker, you need to take the following elements:

  • “Solar Panel Assembly” with SolarCells, 6 FunctionalSensors, and the StepperMotor;
  • “SystemControlUnit” including LCD, Kеypad, ЕrrorIndicators, and ЕmergencyStop switch;
  • Complete PCB including 2 microcontrollers. The 1st is the MasterMicrocontroller that monitors the automatic performance of ASTS.
    The 2nd one is the SlaveMicrocontroller that consistently reports (RS232) with VB software in
    your PC.

Actuator Controller Settings

Speaking about the actuator controller settings, you need to use your PC. You need to install the following software:

  • VB6.0 basеd GUI.
  • MicrosoftAccеssDatabasе.
  • EmbеddеdSoftwarе (written in C) for microcontrollerAT89 c52.

After you install the software in your PC, you should check whether everything is connected. Then, your automatic solar tracker will be ready to use.

Why is it Better to Choose ProgressiveAutomations?

Nowadays, you can find out many different stores and shops where you can purchase these products. The purposes to buy and install linear actuators are rather varied. For example, for the solar tracker automation, you need to take an electric linear actuator. The company ProgressiveAutomations has a great choice of varied linear actuators for solar tracking systems, etc.. So, if you visit their Internet website, you’ll find out the most suitable variant for you. Moreover, they provide their clients only with high-quality products. If you don’t know how to choose linear actuators, they’ll always help you and will give you some recommendations.

Today, solar panels are rather widespread throughout the world. However, to have enough energy, you need to install a tracker on your panel. It will give an opportunity to move the panel to catch the sunlight. If you automate your solar tracking system with an electric linear actuator, it will work automatically. As a result, this automation will increase the productivity and effectiveness of your solar panel. Nevertheless, it is very important to select only a quality actuator. That is why it will be better to order it on the Internet website ProgressiveAutomations.

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