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Automatic Solar Tracker with Actuators

Nowadays, our environment suffers a lot from our industry, trash, fuel, energy, etc. That is why many people try to find some solutions to save nature. One of them is


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Understanding Radiation

Radiation is a bit of an intimidating word. Most people still imagine mad scientists and evil villains harnessing its power for their own evil schemes, but there’s quite a bit


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Keeping Your Home Warm During Winter

Your home should be a place of comfort and warmth, but this isn’t always the case, especially during cold periods. Most people rely heavily on central heating, but this consumes


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Renewable Energy And Linear Motion Systems

Linear actuators are devices that generate linear motion or motion on a straight line. They have wide applicability including in the renewable energy technologies. The efforts aimed at producing renewable


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Austin: The Epicenter of the Next Big Solar Boom

Austin has already earned the nickname “Silicon Hills” for its dense population of high-tech companies, including Dell, IBM, Advanced Micro Devices, Apple, AT&T, Flextronics, Freescale Semiconductor, National Instruments, 3M Corporation