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What to do for Home Network Security?

A home network refers to the connections between an internet access point, such as from your ISP to a router, for the purpose of connecting multiple devices to the router simultaneously. It is of utmost importance to provide home network security to your wireless network, be it by starting with a free iot scanner or any other means. As cyber-crime has become notorious, network security should be taken seriously.  Below are some measures that can be taken to protect your home network.

1. Ensure your router is located in the right place

The best location for your router for actually good Wi-Fi

The best place for your router is either in the middle are of your house, or somewhere very close to the middle of your house. The closer it is to a window or door, the easier it is for cyber criminals to try to gain access to your wireless network. This is so because there is little or nothing to block the signal from your router from going outside your house.

2. Set a strong password for your Wi-Fi

How To Create A Hacker-Proof Password

A unique password would be difficult to guess, therefore it is also important to set a strong and unique password to ensure the security of your home network from being hacked into by others. Even though friends may complain when they come to visit about the length or complexity of the password, it is better to stay safe than to be sorry later.

3. Change the name of your Wi-Fi network

The default name of your Wi-Fi network makes it easy for malicious attackers to know the kind of router you have. Knowing the manufacturer name of your router makes it easy for such people to know the vulnerabilities of it and exploit them to their advantage.

4. Turn off the wireless home network when you are not at home

A lot of people may not see the importance of this measure, but this is important for security reasons,  surge protection and noise reduction. It is advisable to turn off your wireless home network when you are leaving your home to ensure maximum protection of your home network

5. Update your router’s software

How to Update Your Router’s Firmware

This is also a very important measure in securing your home network. Always make sure your router’s network is up to date, outdated software makes the network vulnerable to malicious attackers exercising unauthorized use of your network, which can be rather unpleasant.

Other measures include disabling remote access, setting up a firewall, and activating network encryption.

A home network is very valuable to its owners, and as such should be protected from external malicious interference in a manner that does not hinder your use and enjoyment of it. Given the number of IoT devices you may own, ensuring their protection may seem very difficult, but is quite necessary and therefore shouldn’t be neglected.

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