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Explaining The Internet To An Old Person

The internet has helped many people to improve their lives and make it more entertaining. We game online, work online, and do a plethora of other things online. However, for older people, the internet has only been around for a tiny fraction of their lives. So, how do you explain the internet to your grandparents?

Explaining The Internet To An Old Person

10 ways to help older people use the internet

There are many ways you could explain the internet to an older person. Many of them are apprehensive about even using a computer, because of the keyboards – they think that young people type at lightning speed, and that anything they do is going to be slow in comparison. However, if they’ve ever used a typewriter, it’s going to be similar to that – if not much easier!

The internet is many things rolled into one. It’s like the world’s biggest post office, the world’s biggest market, and the world’s biggest newsrack. If you want to get really technical for them, tell them that it’s a series of computers all connected and communicating with one another.

When the old people in your life understand what the internet is, you can begin helping them to use it. Here are a few pointers

Basic Settings

Top 6 Websites To Help Senior Citizens Obtain Basic Internet And Computer Skills

This will make the sounds louder, and the words/pages bigger.

Teach Them The Strange Language

Simple mobile phones and feature handsets put to the test with the elderly

Make sure you teach them what words mean, such as cookies and browser. They can seem very foreign to an older person.

Make Sure They Know How To Look For A Safe Web Page

Finding any web page at all can feel like a victory for an older person, so make sure they know how to tell if a web page is safe for them to browse or not.

The infographic below can give you more information!

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