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All About Encrypted Card Readers

Imagine walking into your favorite store and buying everything that you want, only to come home and turn on the news to hear about the place being hit by a major security breach. You begin panicking and call the number on the back of your credit card, as instructed by the anchor, to figure out if your account was compromised and where to go from here. Your hands won’t stop sweating, thoughts are racing through your mind, and there’s the constant thudding in your chest that won’t go away. You pace the floors of your house while the credit card company’s representative has you on hold, wondering about all the ways that your finances have been ruined in a matter of hours.

Retail Security Breaches 2014: Home Depot, Target Should Have Stronger Countermeasures, Experts Say

This is undoubtedly a horrible feeling that no consumer wants to experience. Still, it continues to happen in many retail shops and affect a lot of people. The repercussions can be devastating although the impacted individuals are held liable for purchases made without their consent. It often takes weeks or months, sometimes years, to recover what was lost and repair credit lines.

Kmart becomes latest retailer to suffer security breach

Unfortunately, these kinds of circumstances are unavoidable, depending on the merchants involved. But, you can go the extra mile and do your part to ensure that credit card data theft doesn’t happen on your watch in your own headquarters. Investing in an encrypted card reader from Shopify can be extremely beneficial and protect your clients from dealing with the blows of broken confidentiality and economic burdens brought on by scandalous individuals who think it’s okay to steal someone’s hard-earned money.

Introducing Encrypted Card Readers

PayPal Here Mobile Encrypted Credit Card Reader

Encrypted card readers are devices that are specially designed to keep consumers’ private information safe. Many of them require the purchase of an external credit card machine for order processing and clean transactions. Popular brands in the industry that are available to you include, but aren’t limited to, Moneris TD Bank, Streamline, and Payment Express. Simply put, operational duties that go along with running your retail shop never felt so empowering and really stand up for customers’ rights with the use of encrypted card readers.

Common Advantages of Encrypted card readers are stated below.

Peace of Mind

Let your mind travel back to the previous scenario and try to envision the credit card company’s associate hopping back on the phone line to give you the details on any criminal activity. Long story short, you’re told that your card wasn’t one of the thousands that were affected. There’s a dark cloud that seems to float away from your head as you digest the outcome. Relieved, you thank the representative and consider tactics that could help ensure victims have access to the resources they need.

The perceived level of relief that you’d feel is most likely exceeded by the enormous amount of comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing there’s a system available to help you avoid this type of situation altogether. Ultimately, encrypted card readers promote a rare consolation among customers.

Inspires Trust

USB Mini Credit Card 3 Track Hi Lo Co Magnetic Reader Swiper for POS System Cashier Registry

Secondly, the use of these great devices instills a deeper level of trust in your customers for your company and what you represent. Utilizing an encrypted card reader indicate that you have your client base’s best interest at heart and therefore, want to protect them from anything harmful. People enjoy merchants that are responsible business leaders but are also in it because they genuinely care about consumers’ needs and aren’t just in the industry to solely make a profit.

Increases Client Retention Rate

Square Reader for iPhone, iPad and Android with $10 Rebate Coupon

As a result, customers are more likely to keep using your services and products since they feel that you are a trustworthy source who looks out for their welfare. Also, keep in mind that people talk outside of your establishment, so word-of-mouth from loyal customers could make your future in the retail industry even brighter. Endorsing the brilliance associated with encrypted readers creates a positive ripple effect, in terms of customers’ attitudes and feedback.

Easy to Use

Payware Mobile Encrypted Card Reader

No expertise or tech savviness needed here. These gadgets are extremely easy to set up and get accustomed to. Be sure to follow directions carefully for the best results and if you have questions, there’s typically a network of customer support specialists who are on call and willing to help you through the troubleshooting process.

Saves Time

Lastly, using encrypted card readers is less time-consuming. It’s important to remember that your establishment isn’t always a one-stop shop for individuals, as many people regularly keep busy schedules in relation to work and personal obligations. Using one of these gadgets conserves their energy and shows how considerate you are of their limited time. All it takes is one quick swipe and the system does exactly what it’s magically meant to do. Getting more orders processed eventually adds to the number of users that come to you because you’ll be able to consult with more customers and newcomers.

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