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Future Proofing Your Business

Bricks and Mortar are slowly being eroded in the business world to make room for the future. The internet and the tools it has brought to the front of the business community are key to success.

Pick The Right Tools

One way you can get on top of all of this is to future-proof your business. There are so many tools to be utilized and so many pathways to take. Tech is taking over the world, but you can do your best to be at the forefront of this revolution. From starting out on social media, to revamping your workflow using the cloud and the Microsoft Control Panel, we’re here to show you how to go forward.

Despite the mention of Microsoft, it’s key that you leave them behind for your email usage. Google are quickly becoming a great option for workflow management via Gmail and webapps such as Google Drive. Your entire company can be based on Google’s systems meaning that there is no more use for pricey software licenses from Microsoft, whose apps are plagued with issues.

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Bet on Mobile

Many sites are accessed via mobile phone today, so you must ensure that your websites are friendly for mobile devices as you are guaranteed to lose business if not. If someone can order products from your site via a tablet or desktop computer, they need to be able to do this via a mobile phone.

Customer service is easier than ever thanks to the web. Using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can ensure that you can solve customer issues, face to face, in the public domain. You should not neglect your site and ideally, you want to bring customers with issues to the site so they can be solved by a customer service rep over an internet based chat app on your site, or they can be directed to your customer service helpline over the internet.

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Safety First! Never Gets Old…

Just as important as customer service is customer safety. If people are buying products from you, you’ll be holding a lot of details that malicious individuals will want. Ensure that all apps and computers are kept updated so your business can be kept secure and please do not store sensitive details. Please utilize anti-malware and anti-viral software and ensure that your company has a firewall.

As mentioned, using the cloud is an excellent way to move forward. Your computers can be backed up to remote servers meaning that in the event of a power cut or any other event that will render your business operations null, you can actually move your business off-site and continue to operate as long as everything is backed up. Backing up to hard-drives is great, but backing everything up to the cloud is even better and simpler.

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There are a lot more ways to future-proof your business, but these should be the first steps to take on your path to future-proofing your business. These tips will give you a great platform to build on and ensure that your business is not left behind by the developments that improving technology brings

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