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On Cloud Nine: How Swapping to Online Software Solutions Can Improve Your Business

For a long time, businesses have relied on office networks to share data between computers. It was a sturdy system that rarely ever failed, and it was a convenience that even small businesses took advantage of. However, with new startups popping up all over the world, the demand for cost-effective and easy to set up solutions is bigger than ever.

Enter the cloud. Many office workers were skeptical about using the internet to store sensitive information such as their work and details, but it’s become a major component of any successful business. Let’s face it; there are many hurdles to overcome when using conventional software such as Microsoft Office and Outlook. Why not switch over to inexpensive and accessible services such as Google Docs?

How to Share Documents in Google Docs: Everything You Need to Know

Set Up Costs and Complications

Managing dozens, let alone hundreds of computers is a tiring job for a lone person and demands the expertise of an IT professional. All the machines have to be updated individually, or an expensive network has to be utilised to increase productivity in your office. Not only do you need to set up a complex network of machines in your building, but you also need to manage storage between them all and have a dedicated server area where the hardware resides.

Instead of using expensive equipment, the cloud offers a simple and mess-free solution. Your computers don’t need to install lots of pricey software—all you need to do is update the web browsers to the latest version, and you’re ready to go. There’s no reason to buy business or enterprise versions of software that could cost thousands. Cloud software such as Dropbox has additional functionality for smart devices, and you can take your work on the go as you see fit. Online services are inexpensive and provide your office with the cloud solutions that you need to reduce expenditure and increase profits.

Accessible for All Your Employees

Cloud software has the advantage of being easy to access for all of your employees. All it takes is for one member of staff to mark his or her work as editable and then share that link across the entire company then everyone can edit it or make a copy of the document. It allows for collaboration across the whole office, which is a convenience that few other software solutions (even expensive ones) offer.

Tips for better team workflow

Secure and Safe

When traditional hardware fails, it could lead to disastrous results. If a cluster of hard drives fail, then it could mean you lose all of the information held on them and there is a slim chance you can recover the data on the drives. For example, if you stored all your customer data on a network and it fails, it could spell the death of your company if you can’t recover all your client information.

The Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services

With cloud storage and software, there’s no need to worry about hardware failures and crashes. All the data is stored on the server side, and they have plenty of fail-safes and countermeasures to prevent loss of information. It’s also secured with high-grade security software, which saves you money because you don’t need to employ expensive security solutions in your office.

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