Think Your Business Is Secure? Think Again [Infographic]

A lot of business owners on the market right now assume that their company is secure. But any tech whiz will tell you that there are probably multiple dangers present at any given time. For instance, your business could be exposed to a hack, a break in or just be the victim of a computer virus. As such, business owners must be prepared and know how to prevent this type of damage. Luckily, the answer can be found in the tech industry.

Your Office Could Be Hit With A Robbery

You may not be worried about your business being hit by a break in, but you should be. If someone does break into your company, these days they are probably not stealing equipment. Instead, they’ll be looking to siphon off your data. One of the ways to protect your business from this threat is to store information on cloud servers rather than hard drives.

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Viruses Are Getting More Intelligent

You might remember that the first computer virus wasn’t all that impressive. It could crash a system or fill it with ad-bombs. It couldn’t wipe your systems or worse, clone the information on your network. New viruses can and they are used by hackers all the time. They don’t even leave a footprint, and the info will have been wiped before you realize what’s happened.

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Hackers Know Your Achilles Heel

Hackers know that business owners are constantly looking for ways to save money. Many might not bother investing in digital security. Or, they might choose to use a budget piece of software. By doing this, they are putting their company at risk. The infographic below shows how easy it is for a hacker to take down the average ecommerce business. The bottom line is that you need protection.

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DYN infographic2

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