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Groundbreaking Gadgets Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without

Businesses both small and large succeed based on their means to cloud storage, their online transparency, the hardware at their disposal, and their general security, details Velocity Network. They record that the most important element in business could possibly be the backup solution, especially in a technologically-driven field. It is about being mobile-friendly, as well as protective of personal and client information. The following gadgets stress the importance of not cutting corners in this highly competitive business world.

Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HDX 7″

A detailed Forrester study documents data among Kindle Fire users. 15% of American business workers determined that the Kindle Fire HD is useful in their business, making it rank #2 behind the Samsung Galaxy. The Kindle Fire HD ranks #3 in the world, and considering the trend towards globalization in business, this is certainly something to keep an eye on.

An entrepreneur is seasoned in soaking up as much knowledge as possible, and knows how to multi-task. The kindle Fire HD allows business-minded individuals to learn from over 23 million TV shows, movies, audiobooks, business novels, and productive apps, as detailed at Amazon. The device also allows for unlimited cloud storage and 35% faster downloads compared to the iPad mini.

Google Glass: The Future in a Lens

Google Glass Review

Time is saved by letting information come directly to an entrepreneur, as opposed to them having to chase after it. Google Glass revolutionizes data searching by learning about your online behavior and signaling Google ‘cards’ that follow your trends and viewing habits, reports

The gadget also saves time by displaying agenda notes and appointments at critical times, and allowing users to superimpose their Google Calendar as a Google alert. This gadget is revolutionary because it saves time and reinvents the way we find information.

Intuit: Software Built for Small Business Growth


Some gadgets lack dazzle and flair, but they make up for it in practicality. Intuit is software that helps you organize payroll services and taxes. Simply enter hours onto a screen and the system will calculate payroll amounts. It’s not the most traditional gadget, more of a software system, but it’s absolutely essential and can not go unmentioned as a vital tool for growing entrepreneurs.

Small Handy Gadgets Which Go Overlooked

5 Gadgets to Make Your Home a ‘Smarter’ Place

Amidst the high profile gadgets, such as iPads, kindle Fires, and Google Glass, entrepreneurs can find rewarding opportunities in under-the-radar devices.

The Verbatim Tough N Tiny holds 32 gigabytes of data. The peculiar attribute is that it is the size of a penny, as detailed at the Verbatim online store. With this type of storage, one can theoretically hold 4 or 5 on a single key chain and have over 100 gigabytes of external storage at their disposal. For transferring large significant files easily, the device is unrivaled.

Verbatim also offers the Store N Go Professional, which contains enhanced security features through manual encryption. The device offers a dual privacy and public storage for maximum efficiency, as further detailed at Verbatim.

Mobile credit card purchasing is becoming more common, and entrepreneurs purchasing and selling on the go could benefit extraordinarily from Paysaber’s Point of Sale device. With an inventory tracker, a UPC barcode scanner, and a receipt printer, the device is a fully accessible POSt platform. Transparent privacy measures include level 1 and 2 encryption and a USAePay system, as the company website reports.

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