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Samsung to Introduce 64 Bit Architecture

Samsung says its next-gen smartphones will have 64-bit processors too

Apple released their iPhone 5S last week and it came with some really surprising features that we didn’t see coming. And undoubtedly, the 64 bit architecture introduced in cellphones; iPhone 5S to be more exact holds the most surprising position of that launching ceremony. Apple is always known for coming up with the best surprises, and the announcement moving to 64 bit architecture was one that no one was actually ready to hear.

However, Apple’s greatest smartphone rival Samsung, has announced that their next smartphone is going to have 64 bit architecture as well. While there was no other announcement about this on Samsung’s end before, this announcement comes only to fight Apple’s products – the technologist community assumes and the assumption seems to be very correct.

While moving into 64 bit architecture for Samsung will indeed create new opportunities for the Android community and also the devices will speed up to a new level, but there’s this burning question – is Samsung yet ready for moving into the 64 bit architecture?

Most probably, the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be released on 2014 is going to have the 64 bit architecture.

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Samsung moving into the 64 bit architecture

Samsung says its next-gen smartphones will have 64-bit processors too
Samsung says its next-gen smartphones will have 64-bit processors too

After Apple announced that their new A7 chip poses desktop class architecture, has given Samsung an urge to upgrade their system as well. That’s okay because upgrade is necessary, but is it really necessary this early? Most applications available on the Google Play Store are unlikely to be benefitted in any way right now, and it will take time to move from 32 bit architecture as well. Moving so fast might result in an unstable situation, resulting in the consumers not being able to download any existing apps to their phone because they aren’t available yet.

And more to that, the Android operating system is not yet ready to move to 64 bit. So, before Samsung takes such an attempt, it’s necessary for the Android OS to update. What’s Google going to do about that?

64 Bit, Faster Working Capability

Samsung teases new Exynos chip for CES, could be a rival to Apple’s 64-bit A7
Samsung teases new Exynos chip for CES, could be a rival to Apple’s 64-bit A7

What actually are these bits? This number of bits and their relation to the microprocessors that the phone have, actually affects the user experience by handling processes by the processor register. The amount of RAM that you can use in a device is actually addressed by these numbers. How?

This is how: when the processor is built on 32 bit architecture, the highest memory could be two to the power 32, so that means the values can be a highest of 4.3 billion. And when it’s 64 bit, the highest number of values is two to the power 64, resulting in 18,400,000 trillion values. That is the reason why 32 bit architectures can only support up to 4GB of RAM while the 64 bit architecture can theoretically support 16 billion gigs.

When a program is compiled keeping the 64 bit architecture in thoughts, it means that the app will now access the larger RAM instead of drawing data from the hard drive, resulting in faster application handling. And that’s why the smartphone manufacturers have suddenly become so eager to move to the 64 bit architecture, and everyone has to admit that Apple showed this path.

Samsung’s latest release Galaxy Note 3 has a RAM of 3GB; they couldn’t actually go further than this since they haven’t yet launched 64 bit architecture.

Apps Compatibility

Why 64-bit phones are going to be a big deal...but not yet
Why 64-bit phones are going to be a big deal…but not yet

There will be lot of incompatible apps if Samsung makes this sudden move too quickly, and isn’t that obvious? Most of the apps of today are built on 32 bit architecture. If 64 bit architecture is introduced, then obviously there will be lot of apps only for the 64 bit architecture and the 32 bit chip owners wouldn’t be able to run them. Disappointments and incompatible apps!

Although, Samsung ensured that they are not going to launch a 64 bit architecture smartphone real soon, probably the Galaxy S5 to be released later this year is going to have this.

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Samsung to launch 64-bit phones in 2014, says report
Samsung to launch 64-bit phones in 2014, says report

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