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4 Classics For Playstation Now Adoption

For lifelong gamers, there’s something missing with next-gen consoles. State-of-the-art graphics? Check. Revolutionary games like Destiny and Titanfall? Check. Comprehensive online play? Check. Availability of childhood classics? Not so much.

Until now — Playstation Now that is. The streaming service allows PS4 users to rent or buy certain PS3 games and stream others. Reactions to the service went from pleased shoulder shrug to flabbergasted jaw drop when Sony Entertainment Network VP Eric Lempel said, “there’s the real possibility” you will see PS1 and PS2 titles become available for Playstation Now.

The news got us thinking, which games? Take a look at these classics which built the Playstation legend and will hopefully add to the PS4 legacy:



This Namco classic filled living rooms and arcades in the late 90’s. Tekken revealed a series of revolutionary components that immortalized the franchise. Each button would control a given limb, creating a more seamless fighting experience. The ability to dodge was first introduced as a feature according to Moby Games. IGN’s 1996 review could only criticize the graphics but acknowledged the title as a next generation classic. Allegedly, Sony can reconfigure 32-bit PS graphics to 1080p for next-gen, making Tekken more enviable.

Crash Bandicoot

The History of Crash Bandicoot – PART 1 – (retrospective)

Mario was first seen in 1981, Sonic The Hedgehog in 1991, and Crash Bandicoot was the underrated mascot born in 1996. The sneaker-and-jeans wearing wombat fox was a dynamic depth-of-field character: spinning, flipping, jumping, and fruit-collecting his way through levels. IGN points out the original game was rarely in side scroll gameplay, making it ideal for current gamers. Crash can be tough to master, a bonus for true gamers. Its popularity spawned a sub-Reddit page and a complete YouTube walkthrough for your assistance.

Twisted Metal

The company now known as 989 Studios developed this vehicular assault hit in 1996. The single and multi-player game was a demolition derby with military power urban-engineered weaponry strapped to cars. Take advantage of the 30 possible weapons you can carry to get the edge. Game Revolution notes how each vehicle takes its own dedication to master as certain weapons are specific to one of the twelve vehicles. Despite criticism over a short campaign mode and sloppy graphics (remember the 1080p possibility) twisted metal is perfect for hours of gameplay with friends.

Twisted Metal (2012) – Sweet Tooth’s Story HD

SSX Tricky


PlayStation originally took on snowboarding with the Cool Boarders franchise. Four versions of the game were released for PS with success, but major flaws were criticized. Snowboarding was the focus for the launch of the PlayStation 2 as EA’s SSX was a flagship title. SSX Tricky was released a year later with brighter characters, outlandish tricks, but the same world circuit format. Gamespot called it the “best snowboarding game ever made” at the time. Citing a superb soundtrack and all-around upgrades among other factors.

PS Now requires Playstation Plus, a $50 subscription for one year. You can pay instantly through your console or pick one up at major retailers. It’s not clear when Sony could unveil retro games, if any. But they’re transparent with the current PS3 offerings and add new games every week. Comments are enabled on the page, drop a comment with the game you would like to see. Sony might just make it happen.

What are you looking forward to seeing on Playstation now? Or any other streaming game service? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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