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6 Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Mobile Banner Ads

It is true that mobile banner ads are not as popular as they once were. But that does not mean they have become totally irrelevant and ineffective. In fact, since mobile ads are not as ubiquitous as they once were, their impact is arguably greater than it has ever been before. And in the never-ending quest to grab attention on mobile platforms, no avenue can be ignored. Rely on these six tips to make your mobile banner ads as effective as possible:

Keep Everything Simple

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In the old days of banner ads, it was easy for a rectangular advertisement to get lost on a page. As a result, marketers often relied on huge text, bold colors, moving features, and other unmissable elements. This is a lot less necessary given the smaller space of mobile devices, so resist the urge to make ads loud and obnoxious. Strive instead for a clean, simple design that attracts attention instead of screaming for it. Many companies adapt their existing style to reflect a more minimalist look while still being familiar.

Use Concise Copy

There is no need to get wordy with your banner copy either. In fact, the more words you use the more likely a reader is to gloss over them. Since people tend to scroll/browse over things more quickly on mobile it’s especially easy to ignore an overwritten ad. Foreground the most important information, and strive for a tone that balances appeal and honesty. Most importantly, make sure that anything stated in the ads is consistent with the final offer.

Think About the Interface

The way users interact with a desktop computer is fundamentally different from how they interact with a mobile screen. Understanding this helps marketers to create mobile ads that are more appealing to engage with. Try to incorporate the natural swiping/scrolling controls that mobile devices rely on, and make the experience interactive if possible. The best mobile banner ads take advantage of the features that are unique to mobile.

Skip the Sound

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It’s understandable that if you’re trying to grab attention you would work as many dynamic elements as possible into mobile ads. But video and audio tend to be more annoying than captivating. Most mobile users are either already listening to music or don’t want to disturb people around them with noise. Instead of becoming the company with the irritating ads, just remove the audio entirely.

Rely on Big Buttons

One second of confusion or frustration can turn a guaranteed conversion into a lost opportunity. Make sure to rely on big buttons so that it’s easy and apparent what users need to touch to reach the landing page. Just be wary of using massive buttons. You don’t want to overwhelm the design or messaging with the interface.

Get Dynamic

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Dynamic banner ads lead to much more conversions because they relate to the reader. Maybe that reader matches the profile of someone you have already connected with. Or maybe that reader is someone who has previously expressed interest in your company. Either way, dynamic ads are never irrelevant, and as a result they are hard to overlook.

The reason banner ads have fallen out of favor is in part because of the ubiquity of ad blockers. And the reason those blockers are so popular is because the banner ads of the past often tended towards the unbearable. Consumers may be more receptive to these types of ads in the future if only they were more tasteful, engaging, and relevant. It is up to marketers like you to create ads that spark excitement rather than get ignored.

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