5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

It’s unavoidable in today’s digital world: if you want to increase traffic to your website, you need to maintain a quality professional blog. You might also recognize that to create engaging content, your writing has to be sharp, concise, and compelling. But how do you write like that? There’s no boilerplate formula on how to write effectively. However, the good news is that there are steps you can take to make yourself a better writer –– and you won’t even have to go back to school or stop all of your other projects to do it. Here’s how:

Find Blogs that You Enjoy

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If you want to be a better writer, reading is the first step toward achieving that goal. So make a point to seek out intriguing blogs and study them. Ask yourself why they work, and consider the choices the writer made in arranging the piece. Reading “actively” will help you when you get behind the keyboard yourself.

Plan to Edit

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The secret to good writing is actually good editing. If a first draft is a little rough –– that’s okay, it’s supposed to be. Just make sure you give it the TLC it needs to take it from a first draft into a finished article. If you’re lucky enough to have someone else available to edit your work –– ask for their help. Another pair of eyes can make all the difference when it comes to editing.

Keep it Simple

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At the end of the day professional blogs should be functional first and foremost. Keep that in mind when you’re composing your next post. You don’t need to write a monument to the ages, you just need to convey information to your readers in a cogent fashion. Whether you’re writing about a pharmacy POS system, or the best places to go bungee jumping, do your best to keep things simple. Stay on topic, identify your keywords, and above all, be concise.

Practice Practice Practice

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As with anything else, if you truly want to improve your blog-writing skills, you need to spend time and energy working on it. This doesn’t mean you need to rearrange your life to make yourself a better writer. Rather, set aside an assigned amount of time to work on writing every day. Even if you write for as little as a half hour a day, maintaining a writing regimen will help you see an upturn in your abilities.

Remember to Have Fun


Blog writing can be one of the most rewarding activities in the business world –– if you know how to have fun with it. Embrace creativity and attempt to make your work a delight rather than a chore.

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