7 Unusual Hacks to Promote Your Content

Wondering how to get more people to view content for your business? Well, you are not alone. The truth is that many companies struggle to find the effective ways in which they can promote their web content.

Moreover, getting more people to view your content could mean more potential leads for your business. For example, some online companies use blogs which help them to attract more clients. In 2016, up to 93% of marketers in the UK used blogging as their content marketing strategy.

Aside from blogging, startups can also send emails and newsletters with business email signatures as a way of promoting content. The email signature is a general term for the myriad ways to associate your information with digital content. By making your email signature efficient and by embedding a link, you can redirect your readers to relevant content.

Effective ways to grow your presence and show content

Okay so you get the reason you should focus a lot of energy on content promotion but how do you do that? Here are some of the best ways to make sure people view your content online.

1. Repurpose content

Whether you decide to use YouTube, Slideshare or Facebook, when you repurpose old content on your website, it helps you to promote your content. When you convert your content, you are essentially exposing yourself to new opportunities that you might not have used or even noticed in the past.

Five Rules for Repurposing Your Content

Because you already have the content that you need this process will not take long but will only come with amazing rewards. You can actually:

  • Reach new target audience,
  • Use visual graphics over text statistics,
  • Reform your copy for different users,
  • Dust off forgotten stories.

2. In-depth articles


When you write content for your website try to explain each topic as detailed as possible. Already other sites out there may provide information on a similar topic, and this puts you at a disadvantage.

The best way for you to promote your content and increase the number of visitors is to ensure that you provide something that other sites may not offer. In-depth information may be a good start. Once you do this, you will be giving viewers a reason to keep coming back to your website.

Aside from creating in-depth articles, adding the following elements will also boost your content:

  • Clear images,
  • Good descriptions,
  • Interesting graphics,
  • Statistics and infographics,
  • Interesting and valuable content.

Doing so will not only earn you praise from visitors and leads but also increase your visibility when people search for the topic of your content.

3. Video support

26 Ways to Use Video for Your Social Media Marketing

Videos are the best way of attracting viewers. You do not necessarily need to have a YouTube channel to make videos. All you need is to create short and exciting videos that convey the same message as your content.

In so doing, the video can act as a preview of what people can expect to get from your content. Some benefits of using videos to promote your content include:

  • Improved SEO,
  • Grabs customers’ attention,
  • Increased engagement,
  • Higher retention rates,
  • More effective emails,
  • Increased customer conversion.

Moreover, you can include the video link to your email signature to promote it to your readers. Simply email signature is a great way to show a video making your brand more visually appealing and reinforcing branding. It helps to achieve a happy medium in terms of content and video hyperlinks.

4. Lead magnets

17+ Lead Magnet Examples That You Can Easily Use For Your Business

Getting the contact details of prospects is very important for any business, especially, for a startup. With this contact details, you can reach out to your prospective customers at any time. Lead magnets also give you the chance to get more customers and retain the old ones.

Lead magnets help you to maximize the number of prospective customers on your website. A lead magnet is simply an offer or attracting content you provide to your site users in exchange for the email addresses. If your readers view in the lead magnet a profit for themselves, they will be willing to send you their contact details. That’s why your content should be interesting and useful to your target audience for you to be successful.

5. Paid Ads

Paid ads can also boost your content. Paid ads can be placed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Selecting the wrong audience may lead to poor results since these people may not benefit from your content.

You can start using filters to avoid this from occurring. Additionally, content marketing tools can help you to identify your target audience. And paid ads can also be placed on Linkedin.

6. Newsletters

So, you decided to create videos and place paid ads on social media platforms and that’s is enough. Right? Not exactly. Remember the goal here is to get more people to view your content, both new and old clients.

To achieve this, you have to reach out to viewers regularly to inform them of any new content on your website or email. You can accomplish this by sending newsletters regularly so that viewers are up to date. You can also use email signature in your emails to attract readers to your landing page.

7. Social media

6 Proven Strategies for Successfully Promoting Content Across Social Media

Social media is arguably one of the most powerful ways of promoting content. The fact that many people are on social media, with more than 1.4 million active Facebook users in 2017, is an advantage on its own.

Instead of scrolling for hours on social media, you can provide content on these platforms that will help people feel as though time spent on the media is not wasted.

You can use Facebook and Twitter as a way of getting a broader audience. Also, advertising on Twitter allows you to create a target audience that you are trying to reach. Not only will this mean more success but it simplifies the whole process.

Summing Up

Whether you choose to use one or all of these tactics to promote your content, be assured that you will achieve excellent results. The main things to remember is that you have to provide unique content and use valuable features.

Also, making use of an email signature permits you to retain as well as reach new customers thus increasing conversion rates. Therefore, use every platform and channel, and all the opportunities that come with each tool to reach out to more customers.

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