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Choosing the Best Enterprise Captioning & Transcription Services

As an enterprise video content producer, you are creating multiple videos of high-quality every day or every week. Since this is your business, you must work with the best enterprise video captioning and transcription service providers. It’s one of the ways to ensure that all your video output is accurate. 

Choosing the best service provider for captioning and transcribing

Most corporate videos need captioning and transcribing services as many of them are for different types of audiences. Most are for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. Captions help people understand presentations better even if it is in the same language. Since video content producers today are in high demand, they need a robust program to facilitate their captioning and transcribing services, which they can find at Verbit

With the amount of video you produce, choosing the captioning and transcription service provider that fits your requirements may include adaptive technology, ease-of-use, cost, and integration. 

Features to consider 

1. Price

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The amount of work that audio and video production requires is almost proportional to the costs of transcribing and captioning videos. There are two pricing models open to you. You can either choose a service provider that will charge a premium flat fee regardless of the length of the video. The other option is to work with a service provider that charges by the minute. Calculate which option will be more cost-effective. If your videos are of varying lengths, it might be better to go for the per-minute option. 

2. Speed 

How soon do you need the videos? If you follow a video marketing timeline, you need a service provider that offers a quick turnaround, so that would be no interruption to your workflow. Therefore, your video captioning and transcription service provider’s choice will depend on the type of videos you produce, and the time they will use them.

3. Accuracy

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Aside from the fast and affordable transcription and captions, your provider should ensure that their captioning and transcription services are accurate. It goes without saying. You will not be able to save if the provider is not accurate. It will only need more work to correct the errors, and delays cost the client and the video producers. 

4. Integrations and usability 

If you are a large-scale video producer, you might need services that will easily integrate your transcribed and captioned videos on different platforms, like Vimeo, YouTube, Brightcove, or Zapier. Integrations will help you simplify your workflow and increase the number of videos you can process and publish quickly. 

5. Compatibility

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You need transcription and captioning service provider to make your video files accessible and easy to use on different platforms. Online videos should be available in various formats and easy to view, store or share. They should be available not only for online video sites but other outlets, such as TV and other streaming platforms. 

Choose a captioning and transcribing service provider that understands the requirements of video sharing technology to ensure that your enterprise videos are easy to discover and share and will work with almost all available platforms. 

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