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5 Apps That Keep Life Simple

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In the second half of 2020, the number of Android apps available for download skyrocketed to 2.7 million. Ranging from utility programs to offers from fresh startups on stores like Google Play, the options are endless.

There’s the standard fare, like WhatsApp and Google Drive. Then, there are the more obscure apps, like Demotivational Pics (subversive comedy) and Carrr Matey (help lost drivers find their parked car). And then come the trending apps whose staying power is yet unknown, like Coursera and TikTok.

Typically, apps fall into the categories of entertainment, business, and utility. When it comes to filling a smartphone with apps that don’t just ‘take up space’, it pays to do a bit of research before hitting download—especially if an app promises to make your life easier.

Continue reading for some of this year’s top apps that help keep life simple.

Bump, Photo Sharing

Given the popularity of social media, many mobile users are perpetually accessible. Whether sharing photos and captions on pages, scrambling to catch a live stream, or forgetting about that FaceTime call with a loved one, social life can be a lot to keep up with.

Bump allows users to transfer photos from phone-to-computer with ease. The app works not only for a user’s home computer but for other devices too. This means that with little more than a tap, a phone can transfer a photo straight into Bump’s library on another device. No more selecting, sending, downloading, saving, etc.

OLBG Tips App, Sports Betting and Casinos

Sports betting is now legal in some US states and the American Gaming Association expects that at least half of US states will legalize the industry in the coming years. As a result, sports fans the country over are looking to learn more about punting. For those new to moneylines and prop bets, it can be overwhelming.

Though learning when and how to wager can be complex, downloading apps that provide betting tips is a simple way to learn the basics before betting. Not to mention, working with a trusted app helps connects users to reliable sites and sportsbooks.

It’s not just sports betting either. Apps like OLBG list all of the best online casinos in states that have legalized their operation. For example, its PA online casino list shows you all the sites operating in Pennsylvania, their key features and the promotions they’re offering to new customers. Once you’ve picked your casino, OLBG offers guides on popular games to help you play better.

Flipboard, Trusted News

It’s tougher than ever to come across the right kind of news. First and foremost, news stories should communicate factual information without judgment or bias. The current market for breaking news often fails to deliver on this standard, which can make staying updated difficult.

Flipboard is a solution that offers reliable news content from a variety of trusted publications. The app allows users to select preferences from an aggregation of trusted news sources. From there, news stories are tailored toward the user without compromising exposure to other articles and the quality of content. No clickbait here.

Dark Sky, Weather

Before there were weather apps to complain about, there were meteorologists to blame for sudden weather changes. When it comes to finding reliable information about what’s going on overhead, Dark Sky delivers.

The localized, down-to-the-minute updates help keep users updated about sudden showers or beautiful sunsets. With nearly 180,000 reviews and a 4.7 rating, it’s one of 2020’s breakout apps.

FairEmail, Mail Sorting

Nothing is more mind-numbing than searching for a lost email with an important confirmation number or work assignment. Given most apps, like Gmail or Yahoo, store emails for years upon years, the search can take time. For those with more than one email account, some emails are simply lost forever.

Though there’s ample debate about which email apps help users manage email accounts best, FairEmail ranks high amongst the competition. The open-source app helps ensure privacy for all those who use it to organize various email accounts on a single platform.

A few top features include their two-way synchronization, easy-to-read conversation threading, and offline storage.

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