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How To Grow Your Online Presence

When transitioning from a high street shop to an online brand, there are a few ways to grow your online presence and draw customers to your business. We have some ways to help you accomplish a great online presence.


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High street shopping is becoming a thing of the past, however unfortunate that might be, it is always a good idea to plan for the future and start to grow your business online. To do this, you might have to think about your branding, it is okay to have old school branding on the shop floor, but online it requires a more modern approach. Clean and to the point is what you want your brand to be, don’t make your logo too busy and make sure your business name is a clear indication of what you are selling. 

Update Your Website

Once you have decided on your branding, it is time to update or create a website. Do not overcrowd your website with unrelated ads. They can be a good income source but can deter customers if they feel like they are being bombarded with ads. Make sure your website is user friendly and optimized for all types of mobile and tablets.

Social Media

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To lure people to your page, you should think about putting your business on social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok are the leading platforms to promote your business. Not only will it help draw people to your website, but it will help you get to Know Your Customer better. If you are selling a product, contact some social media influencers to help promote your business and get you followers. We recommend you only choose two main social media platforms to grow from, as you will need to keep them updated and monitored. Having too many to focus on can get overwhelming and have an overall effect on how you manage them.

Get Your Business On Web Directories

Think back to how popular the Yellow Pages were before the internet. We used to use them all the time to find a tradesman or a product. Although physical directories are still around, they are not used half as much as they used to be. Now they are all online try getting your business listed on a few. You might think this is outdated, but you will soon find how used they are. Directories such as Google my Business, Bing Places, Yelp and even the Yellow pages is now online. 

Get Reviews

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It’s always good to know when a customer is happy with their order. Encourage customers to leave a review on either your website, social media pages, or other review channels like google reviews and Trustpilot. Allowing potential customers to see your reviews will make your website more desirable and trustworthy.

Now you are up to date with ways to grow your online presence. It’s time to get yourself out there. To grow your employees’ happiness, check out 4 Tips to Improve Communication In Your Company.

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