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Five Gambling “Hacks” for Playing Slots Online

Playing at popular internet casinos is supposed to be fun. However, you’re far more likely to have fun if you win. While we cannot help you guarantee a win at online casinos, you can do things to improve your chances of success. We’re not talking about cheating (that is near impossible), but careful planning that could see you play better. Here, then, is our guide to five gambling “hacks” for playing slots online.

Play At Casinos with Many Variants

Reasons Why Online Casino Is Better Than Real-life Casinos

First and foremost, it is essential to choose an online casino that has many games. We’re not talking about hundreds, but thousands here. Why? The more “similar games” there are out there, the more likely you are to find a game that works for you. Sites such as https://www.rollers.io carry thousands of options. If one game just doesn’t work for you or is too costly, you are likely to find another that is just right and near identical to it.

Only Play Slots with High RTP Rates

We recommend that you only play slot machines with high RTP rates. RTP rates tell you the theoretical amount of each bet that the casino lets players (all players) win. The higher the rate, the fairer the slot. Not every casino publishes its RTP rates, but you can still find these online, often at casino review sites or the software providers’ websites behind the games.

Count the Number of Symbols

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It is essential to count the number of symbols that appear on a slot. The more symbols there are, the more likely you are to get “junk” or “useless” symbols stopping you from landing a winning combo. The fewer symbols a slot has, the more likely you are to form winning combos on the reels.

Play Standalone Progressive Jackpots

If you want to play jackpot slots, might we recommend that you opt for single games? Networked progressive jackpot slots share their jackpots with players at many casinos. This means that there are far more players eligible to win said prizes. Slots that are unique to a single casino have jackpot prizes that can only be won by players at your site. The downside is that singular jackpot slots often carry smaller prizes (because there are fewer players wagering on them), but your odds of somebody stealing your jackpot are less.

Play in Selected Slot Tournaments

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Don’t just play in any old slot tournament; only play in tournaments and competitions when you have a nice chunk of change behind you and when the eligible games (for the tournament) are those, you would normally play anyway. This way, you can optimise your gambling experience. You’re only wagering on games that you would normally play anyway, have got ample funds behind you to climb tournament ladders, and are giving your odds of walking away with tournament prizes (on top of the prizes in your favourite slots) a boost.

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