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Top 3 Ghostbusters Slot Machines for the Adult Geeks

The beloved and acclaimed Ghostbusters game series is represented by 3 online slots. Put on your proton pack again and join the iconic team on their adventures. The material for this article is provided by real geek and slot machine games expert Brian Cliford of the web platform Slotsspot. Testing online ghost-themed slots, he compiled a list of Ghostbusters slot machines and arranged them according to RTP percentage (the acronym “Return to Player ” shows a clear proportion denoting the percentage between players winnings and casino revenue.) You can research these top slots below.

3. Ghostbuster Slot Machine (RTP 94.5%)

The protagonists of this IGT game are Slimer, Marshmallow Man, and the ghostbusters themselves.

Of the features of this game, I would like to highlight the presence of three additional bonuses, as well as five progressive “jackpots”, which will especially interest those who like to play for money. The RTP of the slot is 94.5%.

When playing on all 30 lines, the size of the bet for each of the spins is fifty credits, with a smaller number of lines – 20 credits. By the way, if you want to play slots for real money, this is the best option of all presented in this list.

The main character of this game is the famous “Slimer”, who will accompany the player at every stage of this exciting game. An interesting decision of the designers was that they gave him the ability to make faces every time the player wins. Another assistant to the player, on this difficult path, will be the so-called Marshmallow Man. It helps all users to knock out additional wild symbols and unique multipliers.

An interesting situation occurred in the process of dubbing the main characters of the game. The film’s leading actors such as Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and others recorded their own voices especially for this game. Of course, such a decision and such a serious approach to the development of this game did their job and allowed this slot to become one of the best creations of the IGT company.

2. Ghostbusters Plus Slot (RTP 96.5%)

Superb graphics and inimitable soundtrack with background music create an inimitable atmosphere of excitement and adventure. Every detail of this game is imbued with the spirit of this wonderful film. By the way, another interesting solution was to play movie fragments while using the game bonuses.

As for the gameplay, everything here is also done at a high level with interesting features. No one will deny the fact that the main theme song of Ghostbusters is simply amazing and that is why it became a hit at the time. Oddly enough, even after so much time, modern people fully recognize this musical composition. So it’s pretty hard to imagine this game without it.

Yes, the song from that movie will become bothersome but it does not matter if you can win up to 25,000 times your stake here. Each level is almost like a new game, and the abundance of bonus features will interest you for a long time. Killing these ghosts never gets old and even people who don’t like the movie should check out this game (not least since the RTP is 98%, which is incredible).


  • 10 different levels with unique ghosts;
  • ghost battle where you kill ghosts;
  • free spins 3 different wild features;
  • win up to 25,000 times more;
  • 96.5% RTP and average volatility.

1. Ghostbusters Triple Slime Slot Machine (RTP 96.08)

As game symbols in this slot, only thematic signs are used, and animations make the game process more realistic and interesting.

It is recommended to start the study of the principles and features of the video slot from the control panel. First of all, the user must activate the theory tab, because the basic rules of the game are indicated in it, the paytable is described, and the bonuses are also described. Having familiarized yourself with this, you can proceed to the selection of rates, on which the size of the win depends. So, regulation of the rate is possible using the Coin Value button, and the higher it is, the greater the user’s winnings in case combinations are formed. 

As for traditional active lines, they are absent in this slot, and instead of them, you can use 720 ways to form combinations. Their main feature is that they offer the player combinations in cases where just the same symbols are displayed on adjacent reels. 

After successfully completing all these actions, you can proceed to the beginning of the spins of the reels, which is performed in two modes. One of them is manual and starts it with the Spin button, but to activate automatic spins, you need the Autospin function.

To win in this slot, the first thing the user needs to do is form as many profitable combinations as possible. Perhaps this is due to the variety of game symbols that differ in their functions. Among the symbols there are special, thematic ones, and it is the first ones that guarantee the user frequent and large wins. A number of special images include a wild, presented in the form of a huge ghost, able to form combinations, replacing any missing pictures in the line for this. 

Wild appears exclusively on the middle three reels and never replaces bonus symbols. A friend of hunters is used in the role of a scatter – a green, terrible, but completely harmless monster, capable of launching a bonus round for the player. There is also a separate bonus symbol in the machine, depicted with a special device for destroying monsters, that is, a kind of portal. All other symbols in the game are thematic and their main function is to provide the player with payments for combinations with them.

The first bonus round of the slot is activated using a special symbol – a scatter. As soon as three such images open on any reels, the player is given the opportunity to participate in the drawing of additional prizes. To do this, the user will start the reels, each of which is limited to a certain amount of winnings, the maximum mark of which is equal to 2000 virtual credits. 

Another add-on is launched after at least three bonus symbols are displayed on the playing field. In this round, the user will have three wheels with different winnings and the player needs to choose the one that he most desires to get for himself. The maximum here you can win is 5000 credits and the multiplier increased to ten times the size.


Brian Cliford has provided a lot of useful information about slots. Well, it is worth noting that all 3 games can be played for free. But if you choose a Ghostbuster slot machine, the gambling geek will have the opportunity to play slots for real money. But remember 2 simple rules: 

Gamble not for the earnings, but for a good time!
Shoot the ghost and don’t cross the streams!

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