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How to Choose the Best Hosting Company for Your Blog this 2019

After finishing your complete WordPress site that will represent your brand or business online, you would need a home for your WordPress site. You need to determine the best WordPress hosting provider that will be a perfect fit for your website.

Web hosting is the bridge that completes the connection between your target audiences to your website. You would need this to make your site fully functioning and accessible by your audiences. However, finding the perfect and right one can let you exert a huge effort. You do not want a faulty web hosting because it can give you many potential problems to your site.

In this article, we would be giving you five different factors you should consider and look at in selecting the best web hosting for you.

1. Scalability

The first factor that makes a good WordPress web hosting provider is the one that has a sense of scalability for its customers. These are the providers with the understanding of web hosts are a place for different websites and blogs that have the aim to grow its search engine rankings and website or blog traffic. They should be the ones that can start helping different blog and website customers to make their sites grow and increase in traffic.

They should also be able to give out flexible plans for your hosting needs. Every plan must be made with a wide variety since many blogs and websites are varying regarding characteristics and current form. Giving a variety of plans and options for web hosting may help them in finding the right one for them. For instance, there should be a suitable number for possible website visits monthly to your site. Their support teams should assist you in what hosting package would be the perfect fit for you. Also, they can also give you a certain recommendation on when you should start upgrading your plan.

2. Web Hosting Reviews

When you purchase a product or a service online, you mainly consider different user reviews to know more about the product or service you want to buy. Looking at different customer reviews are trusted by most consumers, just like word-of-mouth advertising. Also, having positive reviews for a certain business can instantly boost the credibility, reliability, and reputation of the business. It is also the same in looking for a web host for your WordPress site.

When looking for different customer reviews, focus on looking at a web host’s reliability and reputation. From there, you would know if it is the right host for you. You might see issues and other negative reviews that can influence your decision in what web host you will purchase. The ones with persistent complaints and faulty services will be automatically crossed out in your list. Along with that, you would also know the service they are giving to different customers. Beyond the reliability of the web host, they should also provide proper assistance and care to customers.

3. Server Uptime/Downtime

You must also consider looking at the history of the server uptime and downtime of the web host. Whenever you have downtime to your site, it is a loss in money. More downtime for your site, more loss in your current cash. A part of your revenue is coming from the accessibility of your site. Also, having too much downtime for a server will give a bad image for your search engine rankings. Your site will be looked as insignificant and not running, which can lead to having a lower number of ranking points in search engines.

Looking at the reliability of a certain web host for your WordPress site is essential. You would not want to lose a lot of money in the process of running your website. You can pick a web host by its server reliability by creating a comparison of various hosting companies on their uptime scores. Ideally, you would pick the 100% uptime score; you would not want a single downtime in your site.

4. Customer Support Team

No matter what your knowledge on web development and programming is, you always deserve to have a customer support team that is always there along with your web hosting plan. We cannot be sure that there will be no problem at some point when your site is up and running. Whatever happens, there should be a team that will be ready for every query and concern you have with the web hosting.

You do not need any frustration in having an issue with the backend of your site. All support staff should be knowledgeable about WordPress issues and the troubleshooting process it has.

You should have no difficulties in reaching out to them. It may be through email, chat, or a hotline. After purchasing a plan from a web hosting provider, make sure that all lines are running for any time a problem might happen.

5. Refund and Trial Period

Lastly, you should also look at the refund policy and free trial period of a web hosting provider. You may ask different queries such as ‘will you have a money-back guarantee after canceling a hosting plan in the free trial period?’ or ‘are there hidden charges and extra fees in cancellation?’. It is very important to know about these certain issues in web hosting before signing up or purchasing a specific plan for your WordPress site.

Look at their different terms and references for customer refunds and free trial policies. You might encounter a problem with the web hosting in the early stages, or you might learn that the plan you purchased is not a great fit for your website. To avoid high cancellation fees, research on different hosting services about their policies on this.

Final Thoughts

As we said earlier, the web host will be the bridge between your target audience and your website. You need to pick the perfect one for you that will fulfill the needs of your business through your website. Good luck on picking the web host for you!

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