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A Hoard of Games for Dragon Lovers

If dragons capture your imagination then there’s a game out there for you | Image Source

There’s something alluring about the possibility of dragons really being out there. Enormous, terrifying creatures with razor sharp teeth, powerful wings and generally speaking, a big pile of cash. What’s not to like? If you’re a big fan of dragons and gaming then you’re in for a treat. We’ve pulled together a selection of games that put these magnificent beasts right at the center of the action.

Age of Ice Dragons

Although the catalog of slots at Wildz Casino is enormous, if dragons are your thing then it doesn’t get better than Age of Ice Dragons. In terms of slot games this one takes a little while to master, as it progressively builds, making it a little more complex than some of the simpler models, but ultimately more rewarding. The slot itself is made by Kalamba Games who are already known for the prequel Age of Dragons. This game takes an altogether colder approach, with snow topped mountains in the background and dragons in cool blues, greys and whites taking to the skies. Those who like games that are easy to understand and can be picked up when you’ve only got five minutes or so to spare will love this offering from Kalamba Games.


Skyrim is undoubtedly one of the best games released for PS4. The enormous open world format was unmatched by any at its release in 2011 and to be honest, it still stands up a decade later. You must take to the harsh wilderness and use all of your skills to make it out alive. Traversing difficult terrain, fighting off wily foe all whilst trying to keep yourself healthy makes this game pretty tricky to master. 

When you add to that the need to try to defeat enormous and frankly terrifying dragons, it gets really difficult. If you’re into dragon taming, rather than dragon slaying, then you probably won’t enjoy this game all too much. However, for those who enjoy incredible graphics and getting super up close and personal with the absolute behemoths of the sky, then you won’t find a game much more realistic.

Spyro the Dragon

Spyro has grown up in the most recent games, but it’s still a great game | Image Source

Spyro is perhaps one of the most recognisable dragons in the world. His cute purple scales and bright golden horns have enchanted just about anyone who’s ever owned any of the PlayStation consoles. In his early years Spyro was definitely on the cuter end of the dragons out there, charging after bouncing sheep for food and only very occasionally doing any real fighting. 

As the game has moved further along, Spyro went through his moody teenage stage and, well, he’s yet to come out of it. The little purple dragon is still as playable as ever, but with an altogether angstier vibe. The world he inhabits is a great deal darker than it was at first, giving an altogether more grown-up vibe to this series. If you loved the cute cuddly Spyro of years gone by, then maybe stick to the original trilogy. If you’re ready for Spyro to spread his wings and search for a more challenging adventure then you’ll love the later editions.

Day of Dragons

Day of Dragons is a brilliant option for PC gamers as it allows you to log in to a massive online multiplayer world. The game throws you right in at the deep end, allowing you to play as a newly hatched dragon. It turns out that dragons aren’t terribly maternal, so it’ll be up to you to fend for yourself from day one. Once you make it to adulthood it doesn’t get any easier, you’ll be playing alongside a whole host of other dragons who can breathe fire, spit acid and even become invisible. Good luck!

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