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Are Glass Backs A Design Flaw?

Smartphones since about 2010, have all had glass backs. They cannot be removed, and this poses a number of challenges. But first, let’s look at the positives. Firstly, they look great. A shiny smartphone looks sophisticated and can make the perfect accessory for any outfit. Glass is also relatively easy to clean, despite being a fingerprint magnet! You may also find that glass backs provide you with the additional support of wireless charging. This is good for those who work in a busy business where there are too many wires on the desk as it is. However, they do have negatives. For one thing, it’s difficult to repair once the back cracks. Another reason glass backs might be a design flaw is, they cannot be removed by hand. What does this mean?

Repairs become a niche service

Think hard before buying an all-glass, bezel-free smartphone

Once upon a time when your phone had broken, you could take off the back and inspect what is going on yourself. You can unscrew the two sides and then peer inside yourself. Following some tutorials at home, you could technically fix your own phone if you had the patience to learn how. However, now with glass backs it’s not possible. Glass backs are glued to the phone and they cannot be removed. Hence when you drop and crack your glass back, the only way to fix it is with a cell phone glass repair service. They can fix the glass by either sealing it in, if it’s a small crack. Or they can fully replace the back with a new glass sheet for your phone specifically. They offer a lifetime warranty for this, which is great if you have butterfingers.

It’s bleh!

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Nobody wants to have a phone that constantly looks like it’s been messed around with, by a 5-year old. Fingerprints on the back glass are just bleh! They make the phone look messy, it can also be a warding-off sign for those that are health conscious (especially nowadays!). This is why many new phones might be arriving with a new material and look. Matte materials are making a big comeback. They have evolved to be thinner than before and thus, allow for wireless charging. New chargers in this field are making headway, as PopSockets are showing how it’s done. You can even charge your phone in a robbery case.

It’s too heavy

Why Does Everyone Think All-Glass Smartphones are Premium?

With glass backs, the modern smartphone has been piling on the weight. It’s clear that most of the weight on a phone isn’t usually the hardware inside, but the heavy tempered glass back cover. This is why many brands including Samsung and Apple, are thinking about dropping this material altogether. Customers have complained that their new phones feel too cumbersome, annoying to use with just one hand and would like something lighter and thinner. Once again, matte backs may be the answer.

Glass backs are great for wireless charging but they have a lot of negatives holding them back. Do you think a new matte material would be better than the glass? Let us know!

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