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Providing A Superior Service: Tech Investments For Forward-Thinking Businesses

Technology has never been more influential in the world of business. As companies all over the world rely on tech to survive and thrive during the pandemic, investing in innovation offers a raft of benefits. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most effective ways businesses can employ tech to provide a superior service for their customers. 

Customer support options

4 Customer Service Trends You Need to Know in 2020

Customer support is vital, especially at a time when consumers are likely to have more questions and queries than normal. Responding to questions and messages, answering calls and replying to emails is an integral component of customer service. Businesses that offer versatile, responsive customer support options will attract better reviews than those that leave customers hanging. Whether you run an online store, a chain of shops or a hotel, plumbing firm or beauty salon, it’s important to put customer service first. If you use social media, allow notifications so that you know when you have messages to respond to, make use of live chat features on your website and include an FAQ section. It’s also a great idea to look into a phone answering service so that you don’t miss calls when your store isn’t open or employees are not able to pick up the phone or answer questions online. Many shoppers will abandon their carts if they can’t find the information they need before buying a product and prospective clients might not always call during office hours. Providing round-the-clock answering services and live chat support could help you boost conversion rates and eliminate the risk of losing business outside of opening hours. 

QR codes

QR Codes VS Bar Codes – What You Need to Know

QR codes seem to be everywhere at the moment, largely because businesses are encouraging people to check in to venues or read menus safely. QR codes offer companies and organizations across many sectors the opportunity to promote products, enhance customer experiences and engage with clients safely. You can use QR code generators to produce unique codes for your business, taking advantage of all kinds of benefits and functions. From ticketing for events and accessing menus and placing orders to making contactless payments and scanning to read more about a brand or a product, it’s a great idea to add codes to posters, billboards, menus, brochures, websites and apps. 


What is Augmented Reality and How Is It Used?

AR (augmented reality) is becoming an increasingly common feature of captivating, engaging websites and online stores. The beauty of AR for customers is that it provides an interesting, fun experience as well as being incredibly useful. If you own a furniture store, for example, you can make your product description and landing pages much more impactful by offering shoppers the chance to try out your AR features. Rather than listing sofas, chairs, tables and storage systems and including a few images and a description, you can bring the product to life and allow the customer to see what it would like in a real-life setting, including their own home. Innovative technology like AR can give your brand a competitive edge and it can also help to increase conversion rates and lower the risk of customers returning products because they are not suitable. 

Payment options

To Stay Agile, Companies Are Investing In These 3 Payment Technologies

The days of walking around with cash in our pockets are long gone. As many of us switch to online shopping and consumers look for fast, simple ways to make payments, businesses can adapt by providing payment options, such as in-store contactless payments, in-app purchases and one-touch online payments. In the post-Covid era, offering quick and easy ways to pay without using cash or having to touch any form of device or machine will be particularly beneficial for businesses and customers. Mobile payment options are also ideal for remote workforces, which are likely to become more commonplace in the years to come. 


10 Small Business Apps, Services And Tech Platforms Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Screen time has increased dramatically in the last 12 months. Online shopping is incredibly popular and many people who shop online choose to do so because it’s simple and convenient. Businesses can capitalize on the popularity of online shopping by selling products on websites and social media but there are also opportunities to enjoy additional benefits by producing an app. Apps make it even easier for shoppers to access products and services but crucially, they also offer advantages for businesses. When a customer downloads your app, it will sit on the home screen, occupying a desirable slice of virtual real estate. Every time the user checks their phone, they will see your logo and it might just encourage them to open the app and take a look. The average smartphone user unlocks their phone 150 times a day. 

Technology offers an array of benefits for businesses, particularly those keen to capitalize on the growth of online sales. If you’re looking to increase lead generation and conversion and you’re keen to enhance customer service and support and provide incredible experiences for your clients, take these tips on board.

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