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How to Earn with Web Design Blog

For starters, these days the internet is full of powerful and strikingly-colored websites. Many of them belong to blogs and the biggest part of such sites related to web design. Should we explain to you why it is so? Luckily, web design is the thing, which develops and improves at full throttle. Every single month you can see some new web trends appearing. Obviously, not all of them are worthy of the audience attention. Still, even such tools or design elements can hang around for a while. People will test them and share the results on their web design blogs. Thanks to these sources, you will find help in your final decision making. Thus, you will see what people think about the products, how it works and what its minuses are. In a word, you will not waste your money! But how can you earn money with web design blog?

Fight against the Ugliness

Let’s remind these words by Massimo Vignelliа: ‘The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design.’ Without a doubt, a thoroughly created appearance can do a lot! It attracts guests to the website, creates a good reputation, and catches the eyes of the visitors… It simply makes your online project a go-to place. That is why every successful website owner cares about their web design. So now, when you run a web design blog and help people to create the visually pleasing sites, you may want to earn with it. For these simple reasons, we made a small investigation for you. Let’s see what you can do.

1st Way to Earn with Web Design Blog: Use Banners

As you may know, today banner advertising is one of the most popular and advantageous ways bloggers use to get money. Also, this type of advertising is called display ads. Basically, the technique has multiple pluses. Here they are:

  • Firstly, it is bright. Therefore, it will attract your readers.
  • Secondly, you can find a separate place for banner advertising. With it, you will provide a needed space for the banners, so they will not intermingle with your main content.
  • Thirdly, using banner ads means that you will post vivid, high-quality promos. In this case, you can choose the ones that harmonize with the design of your website.
  • Fourthly, you are the only one to set the rates.
  • Fifthly, you will be able to decide how many banners you will publish.

To sum everything up, banner ads will not interrupt your regular visitors. What is more, a lot of internet users say that they got used to banner advertising. Their eyes simply ignore it.

Important: do not overuse ads! It is not unusual to add third-party content to your online pages. Still, you should do it wisely. The thing is that banners and things like that can make your site load slower. To say more, there are many online projects that have banners loaded first. Actually, people hate waiting. Even 10 seconds can make them want to leave your project. That is why the nuts and bolts of adding banner ads imply that your third-party content will appear only when the main part is loaded.

2nd Way to Earn with Web Design Blog: CMP Advertising

Originally, CMP means cost per thousand. It makes the next well-liked way to earn money with web design blog. Latter appeared another term – CPI, which means cost per thousand impressions. It is all about internet marketing! For example, a company wants you to publish their promo. You do it, so the company pays you each and every time someone displays their advertising.

3rd Way to Earn with Web Design Blog: Affiliate Programs

It’s no secret that using affiliate programs is another well-established way to earn money with your blog. To make a long story short, affiliate marketing became a ready-made solution for many popular website owners. How does it work? In order to earn money, a person promotes someone’s ready-to-use tools or products. They write a post, film a video, etc. and provide the link in question. As soon as someone buys a product using your link you get money. So, the main advantages of affiliate marketing are:

  • On the first hand, you don’t have to make any financial investments. There is no money needed for this type of ads.
  • On the other hand, everything is already prepared for you. All you need to do is to share this information.
  • Another great thing about affiliate programs is that you can choose a company that creates products related to your blog’s subject.

Needless to say, there may be the products that are not qualitative enough. Seeing that, we recommend you to check the reputation of the company you are going to choose. Then you can just generate your income and be happy with it.

Which Company Should You Choose?

Without a doubt, the variety is impressing. To show you how everything works we took a proven program from TemplateMonster. Today they have a new proposal, which started February, 15 this year. In a word, TM accepts different digital products from web designers. Honestly, you don’t have to be a famous designer to join the program. Today the rules are the same for amateurs and for skilled guys.

So what about affiliate programs? Posting the link of TM products, you will get:

  • 30% from any shopper’s first purchase that he/ she made on your referral link;
  • being TM affiliate partner, you will get 10% from any further sales made on your link.

That is how affiliate program from TemplateMonster works. You can join it by entering your email in the corresponding field.

By the way, there are 3 ways you can earn money with the company using their affiliate program.

  • To begin with, they offer you to use some professionally designed logos. You can choose from a rich collection, so the items will fit your design.
  • Secondly, you can use the landing pages. They are available in 8 languages.
  • Thirdly, there are ready-made showcases for you or you could order the custom one for your Blog.

Which way to choose? Well, it depends on your audience.

To summarize, there are a lot of ways you can earn with the blog and these were only 3 of them. Basically, to get money, you need to follow this simple but working scheme.

  • Create an eye-catching, fast, and unusual blog. Make it well-organized and create user-friendly navigation. Provide interesting and free content to catch the attention of your visitors.
  • As soon as you found your audience, start looking for one of the described ways to earn. Choose the way you like and start adding the advertisements to your web design blog.
  • Make sure that you use only the ads that may be interesting to your readers. Create a trustworthy connection with the visitors of your online project.
  • Finally, you can start offering the products and services that will help your audience somehow.

Good luck!

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