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App Builders vs. Custom Development: Little to choose between the two

The advent of the internet has brought quite a digital renaissance. Today, every business needs to go digital either to amplify its sales or to just keep its customer engaged through valuable content. Selecting the right foundation for forging your business’ digital presence is important in today’s context where business paradigms are changing rapidly.

Having a dedicated mobile application has acquired prime importance in contemporary technology zeitgeist. 

Deciding the approach

The Ultimate Guide for Creating a Successful Mobile App in 2019

Business owners are always torn between having a website or adopting a mobile-first strategy i.e. designing an app.

There is no denying that a combination of both will cancel out the lacuna in prevalent in each of the choices, however, going for both whilst the business is in incubation stage may not always be financially feasible. 

If you are intending to have a software application to have more functional usage than just fostering Public Relations, a mobile app is a win-win choice for you. 

Mobile app development

With the consumer getting more inclined towards mobile devices, a mobile app is a great tool for building new prospects and serving the existing customer base. If you choose to have a mobile-first approach, you need to get started with the app development strategy. Here are a couple of options at your disposal:

1. App Builders

Best mobile app building platforms and tools

App Builders are best for building software applications which are not complex by design and have zero or low unusual aspects. App Builders save time as there are a variety of templates to choose from and you just have to drag and drop the plug-ins to build a fully functional app.

The market is swarmed with hundreds of app builders like Appy Pie, Kissflow and Apps Machine. A query on any search engine will place hundreds of options at your disposal. 

Some app builders like Buildfire give you the option of custom coding of plug-ins to meet your specific requirement. App Builders shorten the software development lifecycle and gives the business more time to market the goods. This proves momentous where businesses are trying to encash a fad in the market. 

2. Custom app development

The more unique the idea, the more complex the app and the greater the expertise required to build one. If you have to build a custom app, you either have to hire developers on-board outsource the process to a mobile app development company.

The Best Low-Code Development Platforms for 2019

If a business chooses to go for custom app development, it wouldn’t come in cheap but the functionality of the app would have a clear edge than those you will get via app builders. 

Here is a rundown enumerating different scenarios and suggesting you the most feasible options amid particular situations. 

1. If you wish to build a hybrid (cross-platform) app. The options of building a cross-platform app though app builders are limited as most app builders either run on iOS or Android. Go or custom app development.

2. If you need to build a more responsive app. In custom coding, developers choose the right technology stack which helps in achieving maximum possible performance output. Custom app development sails your boat here. 

3. If you wish to create a fresh UI/UX which makes your app stand out from the lot. A lot of thought and experimentation are required to build a UI of the app which homogenous and gives customers a unique and soothing experience whilst handling the app. Steer clear of all hiccups with custom app developments. 

4. If you don’t have any budgetary constraints then go for custom app development. Custom app development might be a costlier option but it’s worth every penny. What else you could ask for?  

5.  When you want a backend infrastructure and support, look no further than custom app development.  App builders also provide support to some degree, but it is not as robust as that of a custom app. 

6. When you are in no rush to market the app. Sometimes, the businesses fear the saturation of the market and want to launch their app as quickly as possible. Going for a custom app development may not be the most flexible option in such a case.

7. If you don’t have the resources and the right deck of talent in-house, outsource the app development function.

8. If the industry you are serving in is not swarmed with new investments and you have time to establish your business and churn profits, custom app development might come to your rescue. If you have no expertise/experience in building a custom app, then outsourcing it to a mobile app development company could come in really handy. Many agencies have a deck of developers who are maestros of their specific domains. They implement the methodical approach to app development. Their architects choose the right stack of technology to bring your dream app to life. 

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