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5 Tips to Buy the Best Phone Case Online

Phones come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly oblong, semi-rectangular and getting bigger by the year, but, nonetheless, their personalization vis a vis protection and aesthetics is a developing culture of innovation and artistic reinvention. When buying a phone case online, knowing how a picture translates to its kinetic quality matters.

How does the price translate to quality?

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Price often gives the assumption that the phone case will last longer, have a better feeling grip, and provide easy-use accessories and attachments to improve your phone use. Price doesn’t necessarily apply to these factors if the case’s design is unique or trendy, but the difference you should look out for is buying a case instead of a regular flop-on phone skin

There are many types of phone cases but harder phone cases will generally be more expensive and more protective. Cases with poly-carbonate backs, wallet-cases and generally high-grade material ones will last you longer, look a lot more formal and, in doing so, give you more authority over your phone. 

Protecting your phone – what works

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A phone is nothing without its screen. While good all-around phone cases can cover the whole phone, screen protectors are what keep the surface smooth and scratch-free. PET and TPU plastics protect from scratches, tempered glass saves from some drops but multi-layered screen protectors are what really makes the difference.

If protection is your main priority case-wise, getting a rugged case made out of a hard, drop-resistant material with additional side bumps and a good rubber friction grip will make your phone withstand even the harshest environments.

Payment, shipping and refunds

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Free shipping is preferable, we all know that. Take an expensive phone case with free shipping over a mediocre one without. However, purchasing phone cases is more difficult when your basket is virtual. Shipping is calculated based on size, weight and destination. Purchasing from stores that have locations locally will drastically bring the price down.

Returns should usually be handled by the customer with care. Once the case is out, worn and in non-sellable packaging – the chances of you getting a refund will not be optimistic. Always keep the receipt – leave it in the packaging, and open it in an excruciatingly non-gift-wrapping fashion. That’s exactly why it’s important to know which make and model the case is made for, what you want out of it – whether the quality of the pictures fits the quality of the real thing. Finally, looking at the duration of the warranty.

Personalization and making a unique first impression

As our additional brain augmentation, phones can be the first and last thing we see during the day. The case is essential for you, and you only. Feeling it in your pocket, looking at it in the background of pictures and hiding your face with it in public – the cumulative effect of it makes a big chunk of your identity.

Want to make a statement? Your phone case is a blank canvas for any slogan or pattern. Want to put your own personal touch on it? Visit and add your name or zodiac sign on it. Take the next step and have your own unique phone case in the world.

Combining style with ecology

One of the best statements to make about yourself is taking any step to provide for our planet. Ecological and biodegradable phone cases might be the last thing you would consider, but they’re as much a commitment to sustainability as anything else.

Biodegradable phone cases do not only fulfill a desire to manage your carbon footprint but also feel good in your hand, have the right protection against drops and give you more room to personalize your phone on a malleable surface.

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