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How to know if you need a Wildcard SSL certificate

Whatever kind of website you have, installing an SSL certificate is so important. A type of digital certificate, an SSL allows users to connect to your site via HTTPS, which means that the connection is encrypted. With an encrypted connection, no malicious third parties can intercept information transmitted, which keeps users safe and helps build trust. What’s not to love?

However, sometimes when you’re in the market for an SSL certificate, it can be tough to know which one’s right for you. This article will cover the circumstances in which a Wildcard SSL certificate is the best option for your site. 

1. You currently have one or more subdomains

This is probably a good time to define the purpose of a Wildcard SSL. Unlike a regular SSL certificate which only secures a single domain, a Wildcard SSL secures a single domain and an unlimited number of subdomains of one level linked to it. You might choose to have subdomains for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you have a shop on your site or a version of your site in a different language, search engines treat subdomains as separate websites, so it could help them rank better. The following are common examples of subdomains:


If you have a single domain with any subdomains linked to it, a Wildcard is more than likely the best option for you.

2. You plan on adding subdomains to your site in the future

A Wildcard SSL may even be the best option even if you don’t have subdomains yet. Maybe you’re starting small with just a regular domain, but plan on expanding your website portfolio when the time is right. Wildcard certificates are super convenient, because you won’t need to get it reissued each time you add a subdomain to it (which you would have to do with a multi domain SSL) as they will be automatically covered. With a Wildcard SSLyou’re safe in the knowledge that any subsequent subdomain you create is safe and secure.

3. You want something cost effective and convenient

Protecting your domain and subdomains with a Wildcard SSL can end up being cheaper in the long run. If you protect each subdomain individually with a regular SSL, it will likely end up expensive and confusing. It’s a lot easier to keep track of when everything is protected under a single certificate. When it comes time to renew your SSL, you’ll only have to get one, rather than several at different dates.

Every single website needs an SSL certificate. No exceptions. But for single domains with one or more subdomains linked to it, a Wildcard SSL certificate is most certainly the way to go.

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