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Different Ways To Enjoy Gaming This Winter

Playing games is a wonderful way to stimulate the brain and get some form of escapism from the world we live in. In 2020, our world is uncertain and being able to sit down and escape reality for a little while is a blessing. 

Gaming is not only a hobby but a sport for many of us, and today we are taking a look at some of the different ways you can start gaming this winter. 


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The PS4 and PS5 are perhaps the most popular consoles of all right now, and so many of us enjoy playing games on the TV using these mega consoles. There are many games available on a console like this such as the Sony exclusive Spider-Man and Avengers games; Uncharted games; and the Assassin’s Creed games which have a new outing in November. The great thing about playing on a console like this is the sheer magnitude and graphics on show, and you’ll be able to have hours of fun playing solo or online through the PlayStation network. If you join PSPlus you’ll also get access to a free game every single month! 

Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Black Friday Bundle

The Nintendo Switch is the home of two of the most popular games of 2020  – Pokémon Sword and Shield, and Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you love games which are more cartoon like in graphics and encourage playing with others, these are the ideal games for you and the Nintendo switch offers a unique experience. Not only can you play games handheld but the controllers detach so you can play with a friend, and you can connect the console to the TV for HD viewing! 


The iPad is not the only tablet around; and if you check the latest tablets comparison you’ll see many affordable options to enjoy gaming on this Christmas. From real racing to Blade Infinity – there are a lot of amazing games to play on your tablet and you’ll feel as if you’re playing on a proper console. 


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Your smartphone is more than a mini computer in your hand – you can also play a lot of high quality games on your phone. Pokémon Go for example is a game which is designed to get you walking out and about in your local neighbourhood catching Pokémon in the real world. Games such as Simpsons Tapped Out allow you to rebuild Springfield step by step after Homer accidentally blows it up. There are so many great options for you to play on your phone and you’ll be surprised at the quality of the games on offer! 


PC gaming has been and always will be the OG. Gaming on the computer has been around for decades, and so many people spend their days gaming online with people from all over the world. Games such as Among Us are brilliant on the PC because you can talk to people all over the world and get involved in some serious discussions. GTA V online is another game which is popular on the PC as well as Call Of Duty. 

Enjoy gaming this Christmas and try out some of these different methods to bring your games to life.

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