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Here Are the Best Leaders in Civilization 6

Civilization 6 has 45 leaders from which you can choose, so it may feel intimidating when you’re trying to decide what leader to pick. ProClockers has put together a Civ 6 Tier List which summarizes some of the best Civs and Leaders in the game.

Suppose you like the idea of expanding an empire, advancing a culture, building an entire civilization and fighting against the greatest leaders in history. In that case, there is one sure way of doing all that virtually.

The ultimate goal in Civilization 6 is to become the most successful civ, as defined by different victory conditions, after leading your people from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Knowing all the available leaders in the game will grant you a lot of help, and that’s why you should take a look at the following tier lists:


We’ll be sincere and admit that these are the worst civilizations to play. The other tiers are easily outclassing the F-Tier.


The leaders of these civilizations have few unique skills, but they can still pack a punch.


C-Tier civilizations are like a bomb with a timer – use them right and they’ll be by your side.


These civilizations don’t forgive and don’t forget, although they’re not so versatile as others. But in the lack of something better, you should definitely consider using them:


There is no such thing as a civilization that can do all the work for the player. If you have enough skill, the A-Tier civilizations will surely come in handy a lot:


Last but not least, we have here the best civilizations from the game. Using them can provide victory even during the toughest conditions.

Choosing the right civilization in the game is not an easy task at all. Regardless of how strategic your gameplay is, some civilizations could even hamper your gameplay, while others will improve it.

Civilization 6 is available for a long list of platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, macOS, iOS, Windows PC, Linux, Classic Mac OS, and the next-generation platforms PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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