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What Are the Best Tech Options for Fleet Businesses?

Anyone who runs a fleet of vehicles can tell you that it’s never easy, but with the right fleet management software (FMS), you can perform your tasks more efficiently as well as keep your drivers (and their cargo) safe. FMS systems allow you to more effectively monitor and coordinate your vehicles and other mobile assets like cargo containers, cranes, and lifts. Thanks to GPS trackers, you can keep track of information like the locations of all your assets, as well as the speeds of transport vehicles, so you’re always up to date and can ensure your fleet is as safe as possible. Roughly 55% of fleet managers surveyed claimed to have reduced costs and improved safety thanks to FMS.

Your business size will likely determine how much use you actually get out of using FMS, but even those with just two or three trucks often see benefits. The more vehicles you have, the more useful fleet management will be for planning routes, enforcing regulations, and scaling your business for future growth. Here are some of the most valuable tools for your fleet business.

Electronic Logging Device

Every commercial driver needs to have an ELD installed so that they can record their driving hours. These hours are important to monitor, both for the efficiency of your business and to make sure your company is abiding by the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations that set the maximum lengths for driving hours as well as lengths for rest periods. ELDs are connected directly to the vehicle’s engine and can monitor when the engine is running as well as when the vehicle is moving, and it also tracks the total distance covered and the amount of time the vehicle was in operation. Devices these days will typically include a GPS tracker as well. This is likely the most important fleet management tool to have.

One of the best, and most affordable, options for your business is the BigRoad ELD. The BigRoad hardware is available free of charge, and software subscription plans are affordably priced. BigRoad is a leading North American electronic logging device, and their ELD device is compatible with virtually any vehicle make or model. One of the main reasons behind the device’s popularity is its ease of use, thanks to the BigRoad mobile app. The electronic logbook makes it easy to monitor logs anywhere, and you’ll be immediately notified of any violations as they occur in real time.

Task Management Software

Depending on the size of your fleet, you may have dozens of trucks out in the field at once, and you need a reliable way to track which employees are doing which tasks at any time. You can try to keep everything organized and up to date in a spreadsheet if you don’t mind risking your sanity. Alternatively, you can invest in an integrated solution like Aviros.

This platform allows you to create detailed tasks, assign dates to them, and track which drivers are on the assignments. It can also help you avoid costs associated with additional mileage, more effectively organize your routes, and cut down on time spent on general administrative tasks.

Contact Center Software

Every successful business needs a reliable and convenient call center to handle customer issues, since it’s often the first point of contact between your company and your clients or customers. The best contact center software solutions use interactive voice response (IVR) and other intelligent call routing methods to connect your callers with the right agent for their concerns as quickly and painlessly as possible. This ensures that your clients are getting a great customer experience, which will translate into customer loyalty.

Modern contact centers even allow customers to contact your agents through their preferred digital means such as text, SMS, live chat, email, and more. Even better, true omnichannel routing lets customers seamlessly switch between communication channels if the need arises, all while staying in contact with the same agent. This makes for personalized and memorable customer journeys and will almost certainly boost customer satisfaction.

Like any business, your fleet is trying to offer the best service possible, and having the right tools for stand-out customer support can give you a significant competitive advantage.

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