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4 Ways Live Chat Software Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Think live chat isn’t important? Think again! Around 51% of consumers not only expect businesses to be available around the clock, 42% prefer live chat because they don’t have to wait on hold.

We live in a world where customers expect instant answers. From search engines to mobile phone assistants, a good percentage of clients have access to a technology that will offer them an instant answer. As a company, you’ll need to follow suit. Knowing how to offer quick yet effective communication is a must-have.

Get Better Connected With Your Company’s Audience Today

Live chat allows you to provide customers a hassle-free experience while also booting your company’s reputation. It can also boost lead and conversion rates. Here’s how using the live chat software can improve conversions.

Instant Communication

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Without live chat, website visitors are stuck choosing between emailing and calling your company. While both of these methods work, they fall short of the instantaneous expectations of today’s consumers.

The problem is that emails can take several hours to be answered, just as phone calls can lead to minutes of listening to boring hold music, automated prompts, and a long-customer queue. The fact is that these experiences are frustrating and annoying.

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When users have a less than ideal experience in contacting your company, they’re less likely to make a purchase or finish their inquiry.

By offering a live chat service on your company website, you’re able to fill the communication gap. Instead of expecting a consumer to dial a number or to type an email, they can instead easily type a simple message into the chat box and have an answer almost immediately.

It’s Convenient

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Live chat not only offers quick answers, it’s also quite convenient. The convenience is a driving factor in why 79% of people use live chat when it’s available. Customers are able to use a website’s live chat feature to learn more about a product or even to place an order without much effort.

Live chat services are also well-liked because they allow users to multi-task. Live chatting doesn’t require a user to stop what they’re doing in order to pick up the phone or take time to craft an email.

This makes contacting your company much less of a hassle, which in turn improves a customer’s experience and sets a high standard. The more conveniences your company offers, the more positive interactions customers can expect now and in the future.

Helps With Decision Making

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Many customers who have questions about a product are interested in making a purchase. The ability to communicate with customers at this point in the process is crucial. In fact, around 44% of customers say that the ability to have their questions answered by a live representative while considering a purchase is an important website feature.

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Live chat affords your company the ability to answer any questions or concerns a visitor may have about a product. By providing a quick answer, you can avoid a website bounce and instead land a new sale.

Interjecting during this important step of the buying process allows your company to entice users to complete their purchase. Answering questions and removing any doubts or concerns is crucial, especially for first-time customers.

Boost to Customer Satisfaction

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Have you ever purchased something but felt totally unsure if the price you paid is worth the product? There’s no worse feeling than having to take a guess on the items in your shopping cart. Purchasing without answers can make users uneasy about completing their purchase, and for some, the lack of answers can lead to no sale at all.

Offering the ability for website visitors to have their questions answered quickly and effortlessly creates a positive attitude towards your site, company, and brand. This boosts customer satisfaction and allows consumers to purchase with confidence.

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With answers in tow, website visitors can make an educated purchase without any worries. By getting the answers they need, consumers are more likely to make a purchase now and in the future.


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Without using live chat software, you’re losing conversions on a daily basis. Since a very small percentage of website visitors actually convert to a sale or inquiry, you want all the tools possible to improve your chances. By using live chat software, your company is able to improve customer experience and better position your company to make a conversion.

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