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Why Giveaways Can Help Boost Your Business’ Online Growth

Growing your business online can feel like a losing battle. When you’ve experienced month after month of little or no interaction on your website, it can be extremely disheartening. The quickest way to find your target audience is online in this day and age, and all you need to do is make yourself visible! How? By running giveaways! We’ve all been sucked in by an online giveaway before. The prospect of winning something in exchange for a few simple actions on our end is irresistible, but can it actually boost your business’ online growth? Let’s take a look at why running a giveaway can indeed boost the growth of your business online.

It’s a quid pro quo situation

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You may feel that spending money on something to giveaway is kind of pointless, especially if you don’t get much traction. The key to running a successful giveaway is understanding what your target audience is after and if you find that, you’ll reap the rewards through gaining followers on your social media accounts, receiving sign ups to your website, and having people begin talking about your business and what it offers. For example, if your target audience is within the technology sector, giving away a piece of technology will help entice them in.

It’s super easy to do

Once you’ve got your giveaway set up, create an eye catching image to post on your social media profiles. You’ll then need to do a small amount of research on hashtags to add to your posts that will entice your target audience into entering your giveaway. For a quick and easy giveaway, we recommend using a platform like Gleam because it does all of the work for you, even when it comes to picking a winner! Through platforms like these, you ask entrants to perform simple tasks such as liking a photo of yours, or sharing the competition on their social media platforms. The most difficult part is shipping the prizes out, and even then you can find an affordable UPS domestic shipping service to deliver the goods to the winner.

Other tips for running an online giveaway to grow your business online

  • Talk about your giveaway each day on social media. This will increase how many times you appear on people’s feeds and encourage people to follow, enter and share your profile.
  • You can ask people for a friendly follow in support of your giveaway. You’ll find that most of the time people are more than happy to follow!
  • Adding an extra step onto your website asking people to sign up before entering the competition will allow you to build up a natural mailing list to email people in the future about your products or services.
  • Advertise the competition on your website to allow organic users to enter too!
  • Increase your SEO on your website to allow people to find your website and giveaway naturally

To put it simply, sometimes you need to offer something in return for potential customers interest in your business. Investing into a giveaway can help grow your social media platforms and your mailing list which, in time, will turn into sales.

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