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What Managed IT Services Can Do For Your Business

Integrated IT Management

In the old model for IT management a company would hire an individual or small team of experts to look after the integrity of the IT infrastructure; this was sensible since any fault in the system could mean costly interruptions to business; but times have changed and now hiring in experts is the inefficiency – compared to a Managed IT services company, a team of experts looks like a steam locomotive. A managed IT service is a completely integrated solution that integrates a business IT infrastructure with the cloud, offering instant technical support, secure, data backup, a dedicated server and a reliable network.  

Instant Technical Support

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In the past, your in-house IT expert would come around to your desk in the case of a technical error or network malfunction – not anymore. Advancements in technology mean that almost any technical issue with the network or the hardware can be taken care of remotely. A good managed IT service will have technicians on call 24 hours a day. In response to technical disturbances, they can quickly and effortlessly take command of a users PC and begin troubleshooting. It’s the equivalent of having an IT expert sit by your side and offer assistance, but it costs a fraction of the price. 

Secure Data Backup

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Security is everything in the modern world of networks and open sources software. The internet is awash with malware and viruses looking for opportunities to crack a company’s network and steal sensitive data; that’s one reason why a managed IT service is such an excellent idea – without one, chances are your network is insecure. Furthermore, if there is a data breach of some kind you could be in line for big costs to solve it, and even liability claims if customer data is stolen. With a managed IT service, however, your company’s data is inside the equivalent of a bank vault.    

An Uninterrupted Server

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The server for your business is an integral part of your network that should not be taken for granted, least of all because it is guaranteed to go offline at some point, simply due to its age. A managed IT solution will never allow this to happen; they employ round the clock experts who manage the servers, maintain them and fix them efficiently if they happen to go offline. Forget about hiring one in-house expert who may not be available late at night, instead get access to a wide range of professionals waiting to take your call. 

A Smart VOIP Setup

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Another future step that most businesses, organisations, and governments are making is to set up a smart, integrated VoIP network. The acronym stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it’s the latest way to guarantee cheaper and more reliable communications. Internet calls don’t require old-fashioned phone lines that can be noisy, expensive, and unreliable, they use a single broadband connection, and secure communication channels (your managed IT service secures all channels in one place.) Operate your business efficiently and without downtime with a dedicated team of IT experts. 

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