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A Holiday Tech Shopping Guide to Warming the Geek Heart

The word “geek” has come a long way since being synonymous with “fool” in the 1500s. Now the geek is a leader in intellect and a setter of trends. This is our age and we do not approach it as a hobby. We have a deep seated passion for anything that allows us to blend hard science and limitless imagination. Buying for your geek is an acknowledgement and an acceptance of the things that make the geek heart beat.

The Big Sites

If you are a newbie geek buyer then Think Geek is the place to start. It has everything for the geek soul, from general cool stuff like planet light strings to awesome niche items, like an original series Star Trek phaser. If you’re not totally familiar with the subject matter, the site allows you to sort by item, like comics, movies or games; or you can do a more specific search for items related to franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek or Pokémon. If you’re just looking for geeky t-shirts, hop over to Nerdist if Think Geek is a little out of your price range.

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Sporting Goods Stores

It may seem paradoxical, but a great place to shop for the sports-averse geek is, ironically, a sporting goods store. Steer clear of the basketballs and soccer gear and go right to weaponry such as a bow and arrow or a blowgun. Or, if you don’t want to arm your geek, sporting goods stores also carry electronics like drones and metal detectors. Either way, they’re likely to have something that the geek will love.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Spy Stores

If you’re looking to turn your geek into a master of espionage, then take a look at the Spy Store. As its name suggests, The Spy Store has everything necessary to become a rogue agent. From surveillance to counter surveillance to, yes, more weaponry, all that is needed after this is a good tuxedo. The old school James Bond mystique speaks directly to the geeky imagination, combining tech, action and mystique into one potentially sexy package.

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For the tech geek, it is all about being cutting edge. There’s no better place for that then Kickstarter. Since this is where new ideas find money, shopping on Kickstarter will guarantee that the gift is fresh and innovative. Under the technology link of the site, you will find electronic butlers, music devices and a wide variety of robotics. The site can be a little convoluted to browse since ideas may flow from one category to another, so plan on spending some time perusing.

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For the Alchemist

Not every geek fantasizes about being the wizard throwing balls of fire. Some of us prefer the likes of the wise druid in-touch with the natural world. For the Gaian geek, take a look at Merry Jen’s Kitchen. From Miracle Salve to body polish, all of the products are designed to enhance the curative properties of hemp. For the geek with a bent for chemistry and a love of things that smell yummy, this is the place to shop.

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