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8 Great Gifts for Every Guy

Items every man needs includes a cast iron skillet and quality chef’s knife. A pair of well-fitted denim jeans. A great sense of humor. Career goals. A nice watch. A handy toolbox. Something to read. And a sense of adventure.

If the most important man in your life already has these essentials, then we can help you this Christmas. Here are eight great gift ideas for the manly man who loves to be outdoors, behind a grill or technologically equipped at all times.

Manscaping Materials for Matt

If you unabashedly follow @lumbersexual on Instagram, then there’s no denying it; you like rugged men wearing a forlorn expression dressed in flannel with, of course, a fierce beard—thee badge of manhood. Turn your man into a dreamy lumberjack with The Beardsman Beard Maintenance Kit by Broquet. As soon as he starts grooming with Beardsbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil and a Beardoholic Beard Brush, he’ll miraculously start to chop wood shirtless and wake up snuggling with a yellow lab, we guarantee it.

Wearable Tech for Will

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Dudes like watches. A watch is a man’s version of wrist candy. And if it can simultaneously send text messages and make phone calls, then his inner man-geek will rejoice. Samsung Galaxy Gear is the nerd’s equivalent of a luxury Shinola timepiece. Receive messages hands-free and tackle the day with S Voice, a personal assistant right on the wrist. This digital watch also ensures there’s no excuse for missing your “stop at grocery store on way from work” text message.

Plaid Patterns for Peter

Plaid is the quintessential man pattern. And it looks universally good on all men, whether he’s camping in the wild or reading Jack Kerouac fireside. A true outdoorsman wears a functional shirt with purpose, though it’s not all about looks. So shop Cabela’s shirt collection for durable and warm plaid shirts designed for rugged adventures in the back country.

Grilling Tools for Greg

Monogrammed Williams-Sonoma BBQ Tools Set

Standing over a grill of mouthwatering meat with tongs in one hand is a man’s happy place. As the aromas of barbecue ribs fill the air with each baste, he feels at home in his element of manliness. If you’ve got an expert grill master at home, help him take his grilling game to the next level with all the right tools. The monogrammed Williams-Sonoma BBQ Set will equip your man with cutlery excellence and the tools to perfect all your Pinterest grilling recipes.

Soft Hands for Sam

Along with granola and razors, stuff his stocking with Burt’s Bees Hand Salve to remedy those manly hands. Hand salve is salvation for rough, dry hands beat up from lifting weights, chopping wood, climbing a mountain and other manly things requiring arduous effort. Hand salve provides relief with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax.

Headlamps for Hank

Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight

If your outdoorsman has plans to take on an epic adventure in the wild next winter, he’s going to need a headlamp. OK, maybe he’s not going to climb Mt. Everest, but a headlamp is a useful gadget for weekend camping trips, running in the rain, skiing during a heavy snowfall or canoeing at night. The headlamp will give your superhero husband the power of night vision when he needs it most.

Backpacking Basics for Brian

While trekking through the wilderness, your adventurer can pack his plaid shirt, hand salve and headlamp in a Little America Backpack by Herschel Supply Company. This backpack is designed for the intrepid mountaineer with modern style. The bag in rubber black is a classic, understated look excellent for camouflaging earthy dirt and stains.

Swiss Army for Steven

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife is as essential to a man’s adventurous everyday life as a discerning outlook on life. It’s a companion for life and a perfect sidekick for saving the day or just tinkering around. Check out the Swiss Army knives selection online to find classic knives and specialty knives for hunting, camping and fishing.

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