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The Best Tech Gift You Could Get For Your Dad

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Whether it’s for his birthday, Christmas, or just for being the best dad in the world, every father loves technology. It’s probably changed a lot throughout this lifetime, but this is one of the few areas in which he won’t grumpily complain about how things were better back in his day. Technology has undeniably improved, and, for boys who love their toys, receiving a tech gift is the ultimate present. Still, it might be an expensive present, and if you’re going to gift your father with something so generous then you probably want to be sure that you’re spending your money in the right way. Here are some of the best tech gifts you could get for your dad.


Everyday Carry? More Like Everyday Classy!

Your dad likely already has a watch. He might have several watches. But tech watches are the best new thing, and they combine all your dad’s favorite things in the world. Firstly, it’s a watch, so it tells the time. That’s a good start. Most of the new pieces of gear out there, like the iWatch, look really nice; the aesthetic is an important reason as to why anyone would want to wear a watch. Of course, modern watches go way beyond the traditional; packed full of tech, you could be giving your dad access to apps, notepads, music, and all sorts of gadgetry that his old watch can’t utilize.


How To Make Money With Your Drone

The world of gadgets may have changed a lot since he was a boy (in fact, it’s changed a lot in the last decade alone), but your dad most likely still loves every new piece of tech that hits the market. You never outgrow toys, and a drone is the best toy disguised as a “professional” piece of technology that exists. When it comes to gifts which last, this is the sort of gift you should get for your dad if you don’t want to give him a novelty piece of tech that he’ll be bored of in a week. Whether it’s filming beautiful landscapes or doing mid-air stunts, drones have enough features to keep them permanently interesting.

Most importantly, there are so many different kinds of drones out there that you can always step things up with a new and improved drone in the future if your dad likes the first one. You could check out this list of the three best drones under 500 dollars if you want somewhere to begin with your research. Drones are a great piece of kit because, whilst there are obviously different levels in terms of their features and specifications as you rise up through the price ranges, the more inexpensive models within the industry aren’t tacky and inefficient; they still perform just as well. Beginners aren’t priced out of the “good end” of the market, as they often are when they opt for other pieces of inexpensive gadgetry. So, no huge expense has been wasted if your dad figures out that he’s not very good at flying drones. Still, practice makes perfect, and anybody can master it in enough time. Don’t hold me to that, of course…

Virtual reality

DIY: How To Make Your Own Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Your dad will probably tell you that he remembers when virtual reality was a corny element of science fiction. Shut him up with a real life virtual reality headset because that’s guaranteed to play any dad’s mind; it’ll also give you a little break from him as he exits the real world to enter a virtual one for a few hours every day.

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